Published on Mar 01, 2019

Round up of land use bills after cutoff

Contact: Carl Schroeder, Shannon McClelland

The following are land use bills that we have reported on that have survived both the policy and fiscal committee cutoff dates:

HB 1357
(SB 5249)

Unincorporated island annexation

Rules R

HB 1797
(SB 5812)

Accessory dwelling units

Rules R

HB 1923

Urban residential building

Rules R

SB 5008

Short subdivisions

Rules 2

SB 5372

Local project review

Rules 2

SB 5382

Tiny houses as ADUs

Rules 2

SB 5383

Tiny houses

Floor 2nd

SB 5384

Tiny house community locations

Rules 2

SB 5812
(HB 1797)

Accessory dwelling units

Rules 2

SB 5873

Community forests pilot

Rules 2


The following bills that we have been tracking did not advance:

HB 1506

Urban growth areas


HB 1690

Short subdivisions


HB 1946

Community forests


SB 5193

GMA/rural development


SB 5194

Urban growth area boundaries


SB 5242

Rural county economic development


SB 5243

Growth management board standing


SB 5245

Critical area designation


SB 5259

GMA/agricultural land


SB 5353



SB 5424

Transit density standards


SB 5440

Housing element/GMA


SB 5520

Urban growth areas


SB 5630

GMA hearings/composition


SB 5951

Urban infill area development/taxes


  • Land use & planning
  • Advocacy


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  • New state law incentivizes increased residential building capacity and density

  • Draft city B&O tax model ordinance sent out for review

  • L&I seeking feedback on proposed sick leave FAQ

  • JLARC reporting system reopened until August 28

  • Measure to repeal affirmative action initiative makes November ballot

  • The 2020 Census is hiring!

  • Law enforcement mapping system survey is now open

  • States & cities clash over potential opioid settlements

  • Public hearings coming up for proposed building code changes

  • Drinking Water Consolidation Study grants open

  • Reminder: Housing Trust Fund soliciting applications for affordable housing projects

  • Fish Consumption Rule in flux

  • JLARC recommends modification of the Multifamily Housing Tax Exemption program

  • Grant application period opens for freight rail capital projects

  • Guidebook on civilian-military land use now available to community planners

  • Rulemaking proposed for Oil Spill Contingency Rule

  • Learn how to advocate for your city during the legislative interim

  • Updates to City B&O tax model ordinance underway

  • Setting the stage for 2020

  • Public defense improvement grant applications open now

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  • Law enforcement grant program due July 19!

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  • Agency rulemaking begins on prevailing wage for landscape maintenance

  • NLC Housing Task Force releases report

  • Ecology releases 2020 water quality project funding list

  • Joint Transportation Committee hears report on city transportation funding needs

  • Feds seeking comments on changes to reporting blocked railroad crossings

  • Housing Trust Fund soliciting applications for affordable housing projects

  • Ruckelshaus Center releases report of new GMA vision & planning framework

  • Update on Ecology’s water resource policies

  • AWC files amicus in support of city rights-of-way in FCC legal challenge

  • AWC's legislative City Champion Award

  • Celebrating our 2019 City Champions and kicking off 2020

  • National League of Cities releases Micromobility Guide

  • Statewide initiatives and referenda update

  • “Keep Washington Working” bill signed into law; amends policy for when law enforcement can provide information to federal immigration authorities

  • Law enforcement training rulemaking adopted

  • Governor’s Smart Communities Award winners announced

  • L&I proposes new overtime rule

  • JLARC public records reporting now open

  • HB 1087 establishes new, long-term care insurance program funded by employee premiums

  • I-1000 to take effect July 28 – no mandates for local government

  • DRS announces new employer pension contribution rates

  • PFML premium remittance and reporting begins July 1

  • B&O tax surcharge on services

  • Nonresident sales tax changes take effect July 1, 2019

  • City B&O tax model ordinance update

  • Attorney General adopts new tribal consent and consultation policy

  • Ecology launches statewide recycling education campaign – Recycle Right

  • Rulemaking announced for railroad oil spill planning

  • New resource to identify project grant and loan funding

  • Newly passed affordable housing bills require city action on tight timelines

  • 2019 was a solid session for cities – now we look ahead to 2020

  • Infrastructure funding takes a hit again, but some good news for public works contracting

  • A busy year for Washington transportation policy

  • Addressing the behavioral health system: improvements made, more work to be done

  • Tough budget decisions amid new revenue

  • Non-housing land use and planning bills

  • Many open government bills introduced, few become law

  • Economic development wins and losses

  • General government grab bag

  • Plastics, recycling, and orcas drive environmental policy changes for cities

  • A few major energy policy bills enacted this year

  • Key public safety and cannabis issues addressed this session

  • 2019 Legislature passes an array of personnel bills

  • Progress made towards a systems approach to correct fish-blocking culverts

  • Late breaking proposal stabilizes and strengthens toxic cleanup and prevention systems

  • Affordable housing takes center stage; slower year on homelessness

  • Initiative 976 headed to voters; potential impacts to state and local transportation funding

  • 2019 session adjourns on time – a solid session for cities

  • Legislature reaches deal on final state budget in last days of session

  • Graduated REET and state service B&O tax bills pass as part of state operating budget revenue package

  • Late-breaking MTCA bill a big win for cities, but it is not without risk

  • AWC priority housing bill passes during budget negotiations

  • Final status of recycling-related bills

  • Affirmative action initiative passed by Legislature, will become law

  • New law requires a searchable database of land use decisions

  • Legislature passed bills heard by Finance Committee on Friday

  • AWC’s public records reporting fix bill passes Legislature

  • May 15 is the deadline for submitting 2018 lodging tax reports

  • Legislature passes Governor’s broadband bill

  • Sunshine Committee recommendation bill passes Legislature

  • State passes transportation budget over weekend, heads to Governor

  • Amended public works bid limit bill passes Legislature

  • SR-167, I-405 tolling and bonding bill passes Legislature

  • First-responder occupational disease compromise bill signed by Governor

  • AWC requests veto on $300 million LEOFF 2 transfer bill

  • Bill proposing new requirements for state-paid stormwater fees passes Legislature

  • Firefighters’ pension levy bill passes with modifications

  • Paint stewardship bill returns from the dead, passes Legislature

  • Last minute fix made in key density bill

  • Opioid treatment bill advances to Governor for signature

  • Trueblood settlement bill unanimously passes Legislature

  • Hate crimes bill passes Legislature

  • Legislature passes bill related to informant and eyewitness evidence

  • Animal fighting bill delivered to Governor

  • Final week of session is here!

  • Data tool explores Transportation Benefit District revenues threatened by I-976

  • Trueblood bill passes House

  • Tax bills related to operating budget move out of committees

  • Senate refuses to concur on changes to firefighters’ pension levy bill

  • $300 million LEOFF 2 transfer bill advances to the Senate

  • City pavement data reporting reform bill signed into law

  • Firefighter safety best practices bill signed into law

  • Bill concerning the electrification of transportation signed into law

  • Union dues bill passes Legislature

  • Robot delivery device bill passes Legislature

  • Motorized foot scooter bill passes Legislature

  • Affirmative action initiative gets joint hearing in the Legislature

  • House amends and passes public works bid limit bill

  • Bill establishing new law enforcement grant program passes Senate

  • Behavioral health community facilities bill passes House

  • New legal framework for short-term rentals passes the Legislature

  • Self-help housing bill passes House without REET exemption

  • Pollinator habitat protection bill passes Legislature

  • Parks deannexation bill passes Legislature

  • House passes Governor’s broadband bill

  • City support needed to keep AWC’s public records bill alive

  • Opioid treatment bill passes House

  • Voluntary site cleanup for housing bill passes Legislature

  • Drug Take-Back Program rules released for comment

  • Chemical Action Plan bill passes Legislature

  • Amended version of 911 local tax option bill passes House

  • Smoke alarm bill passes House

  • Domestic violence reform bill passes Legislature

  • Firearm removal and protection orders bill passes Legislature

  • House amends and passes bill dealing with property in impounded vehicles

  • Legislature passes marijuana convictions vacations bill

  • Wrongful death bill passes Legislature

  • Final cutoff looms while budget negotiations are ongoing

  • Help needed to pass public works bid limit bill

  • Opportunity to join coalition letter of support for AWC priority housing bill

  • Key density bill passes Senate and retains local authority

  • Action needed to support MTCA reforms

  • Bill changing firefighters’ pension levy spending options passes House

  • Affordable housing development by religious organizations bill amended

  • Trueblood bill advances in House

  • Bill sets new state goal for food waste reduction

  • Broadband access gains momentum in both Washingtons

  • House committee moves public records availability bill

  • Opioid treatment bill advances in House

  • Bill establishing new law enforcement grant program advances

  • Delivery robot bill passes Senate

  • Senate amends and passes union dues bill

  • First-responder occupational disease compromise bill passes Senate

  • Tiny house communities bill passes Legislature

  • Priority REET bill passes Legislature

  • Self-help housing companion bills diverge

  • Department of Revenue Partnership meetings

  • Bill addressing impaired driving amended in Senate

  • 2018 lodging tax report deadline approaching

  • On-site sewage systems bill passes Legislature

  • B&O tax annual filer and apportionment bills pass

  • House B&O surcharge proposal potential impacts on city utilities

  • Bill addressing sexual assault kits passes the Legislature

  • Three budget messages to deliver to legislators

  • The home stretch – three weeks left to make an impact

  • Public works bid limit bill amendments impact small works roster

  • Bill to increase local option tax to fund 911 services

  • Status of recycling and plastics reduction bills

  • Wrongful death bill advances

  • House PERS 1 COLA bill moves out of fiscal committee

  • First-responder occupational disease bill passes committee

  • State Treasurer introduces new online directory of state grant and loan programs

  • Save the date: Public Records Act University

  • Broadband bills divert PWTF dollars

  • Transportation budgets pass both chambers, head to negotiations

  • Marijuana convictions vacations bill amended in the House

  • Tiny house communities bill amended to allow student builders

  • Ecology requests timely changes to drought response

  • Lone condo liability reform bill retains key elements after passing House

  • Transparency of local utility taxes bill in House Rules Committee

  • B&O apportionment bill in Rules Committee

  • Annual B&O tax filing deadline bill awaiting further action in Senate Rules Committee

  • Hearing on new tax bills for Senate operating budget

  • Budgets, budgets, budgets

  • Senate proposed budgets released & House-proposed budget floor action

  • Senate budget proposal includes restructuring MTCA

  • House and Senate transportation budget proposals released last week

  • House and Senate use PWTF dollars to support broadband efforts

  • AWC’s economic priority bill scheduled for Ways & Means hearing

  • House delivery robot bill scheduled for Senate hearing

  • $300 million LEOFF 2 transfer bills scheduled for executive action

  • House Transportation Committee to hear bill on state aviation coordination commission

  • Bill updates multidisciplinary approach to child abuse investigations

  • Housing issues come into focus in the home stretch

  • Bill makes changes to hate crimes and creates a workgroup

  • Bill aims to standardize firearm removal associated with protection orders

  • Bill defines and establishes requirements for school resource officers

  • Bill addresses personal belongings in impounded vehicles

  • Hearing scheduled for bills implementing new House budget taxes & extending tax structure study

  • House–proposed budgets released

  • House releases proposed budgets this week

  • Mobile home park home siting bill improves out of the House

  • Public works bid limit bill moves to House for public hearing

  • Public contracting “piggybacking” bill moves to house for hearing

  • Design-build bidding bill scheduled for Senate committee hearing

  • Facial recognition and data privacy bill heard in House

  • Public disclosure exemption bill heard in Senate last week

  • Cities’ economic development bill needs your help

  • Property tax cap bill introduced but not yet heard

  • Annual B&O tax filing deadline bill advances

  • B&O apportionment bill scheduled to move out of committee

  • Industrial insurance claim confidentiality bill moves to Senate for public hearing

  • Bill prohibiting employers from seeking salary history scheduled for Senate hearing

  • Emergency work zone bill scheduled in Senate Transportation Committee

  • First-responder occupational disease bill scheduled for hearing

  • Plastic bag ban and stewardship bills on the move in the House

  • Bill to count inmates and custodial patients for redistricting purposes

  • Bill addressing cyber crimes will be heard in Senate

  • Grandfathering ADU bill will be heard in the House

  • Bill allows tribal documents to be automatically admissible in court

  • Bill to address law enforcement coordinated response to missing Native American women

  • Record number of bills introduced and budget release expected next week

  • Bump stock buy-back program bill passes and goes into effect immediately

  • Bill proposes changes to firefighters’ pension levy

  • Changes to State Auditor reporting requirements

  • Motorized scooter bill passes House and gets scheduled for Senate public hearing

  • AWC-supported pavement data reporting bill set for Senate hearing

  • New LEOFF 2 pension bills introduced

  • Bill proposing new requirement on state paid stormwater fees scheduled for House hearing

  • First-responder occupational disease compromise bill set for Senate hearing

  • First quarter PFML payment and reporting changed to July 31

  • Sunshine Committee bill scheduled for Senate public hearing

  • AWC’s public records reporting improvement bill scheduled for Senate hearing

  • Bill that would eliminate advisory votes on tax increases set for committee vote

  • Public records exemption bill scheduled for Senate public hearing

  • Hearing scheduled for B&O apportionment bill

  • Status of affordable housing bills at cutoff

  • Change to B&O tax deadline for annual filers passes House

  • ADU bills continue to improve for cities

  • Bill requiring smoke detection devices advances to the House

  • Round up of land use bills after cutoff

  • Opioid treatment bill moves to the House

  • Summary of environmental bills at cutoff

  • Transparency of local utility taxing districts bill amended

  • Bill to encourage pollinator habitat passes Senate

  • Density bill improves for cities

  • Enhanced State Treasurer services moving forward with a change

  • Vacating cannabis misdemeanor convictions bill advances

  • Watch legislator profile videos on TVW

  • Bills addressing protection orders advance

  • Bill to provide immunity from prostitution charges in limited circumstances advances

  • Bill that requires actions by officers in response to domestic violence continues to move

  • Bill that helps fire departments recover cleanup costs passes House

  • Bill concerning criminal penalties for licensed marijuana retailers moves to Senate

  • Bill addressing impaired driving statutes moves to the Senate

  • New prevailing wage rates for landscape maintenance

  • 2019 Session passes the halfway mark

  • Wayfair implementation increases city sales tax collections

  • Bill to expand alternatives to arrest, creates grant program, advances to Senate

  • Ecology’s recycling market response bill passes the House

  • Plastic product stewardship bill passes Senate in very different form

  • Narrowed version of SEPA exemption bill for homeless housing passes Senate

  • Public works contracting modernization bill passes out of Senate

  • PFML technical fix moves to Senate

  • Community forest bill passes out of Senate as a pilot program

  • Trueblood settlement bill advances

  • New transportation package, Forward Washington, moves out of committee

  • Senate passes privacy bill limiting use of facial recognition technology

  • Public records exemption bill passes House

  • Progress made on AWC’s public records reporting bill

  • Update on our BLEA priority

  • Bill clarifies role of municipal courts to enter temporary protection orders

  • Open public meeting expansion bill waiting for vote

  • House passes expansion of volunteer firefighter pension benefits

  • House passes rural development and opportunity zone bill

  • Bill to provide for a continuum of care for behavioral health patients advances

  • Wrongful death bill passes Senate

  • Proposal to allow tiny house communities passes Senate

  • Animal fighting bill advances

  • Public works bills passed House and heading to Senate

  • Plastic bag and straw bills pass Senate

  • On-site sewage systems bill passes Senate

  • Two condo liability reform bills switch to other chamber

  • Found property bill passes House

  • House heard proposed changes to Voting Rights Act

  • Focus is on floor action, while budget challenges continue to loom

  • Proposed changes to Voting Rights Act pass Senate

  • Density bill gets worse for cities coming out of the Appropriations Committee

  • Status of bills on homelessness at cutoff

  • Status of affordable housing bills at cutoff

  • Summary of environmental bills after first cutoff deadlines

  • Status of public safety and criminal justice bills

  • Union dues bills progress in Legislature

  • Delivery robot bills move out of House and Senate transportation committees

  • Motorized foot scooter regulation bills move forward

  • Wrongful death bills advance

  • Cannabis bills that have died

  • L&I responds to AWC petition for emergency prevailing wage rulemaking

  • Some cannabis bills advance

  • SEPA exemption bill for temporary shelters and encampments continues to move

  • Round up of land use bills after cutoff

  • Governor’s broadband bills on the move

  • Local government records reporting bill advances

  • Wayfair implementation increases city sales tax collections

  • Bill reauthorizes tax structure work group and adds city voice

  • First cutoff passes – Now it’s time to start talking about the budget

  • AWC testifies in opposition to pension bill

  • State bank proposal introduced, but fails to advance

  • Legislature to hold hearings on I-976, limiting state and local taxes, fees, and TBDs

  • New 10-year transportation funding package proposed in the Senate

  • U.S. Supreme Court decides excessive fines forfeiture case against state

  • Pavement condition data reporting bill set for public hearing

  • Senate transportation network company bill set for hearing has preemptive provisions

  • Modernization of government procurement update

  • Call to action on AWC’s economic development bill

  • Legislative records bill dies in committee, but several others move forward

  • Clarifying “piggybacking” requirements

  • ADU bills diverge in the House and the Senate

  • House substitute version of density bill passes first hurdle

  • Fiscal committees begin hearing housing priority bills

  • Bill aims to codify Boise case on rights of homeless to survive

  • Bill addressing impaired driving continues to move

  • Bill that proposes to modernize business crimes passes House

  • Bill to help survivors of trafficking and prostitution passes out of House

  • Legislature approaches first cutoff deadline as Olympia thaws out

  • New “livability” density bill introduced, will be heard this week

  • AWC priority housing investment bills continue to move and need your support!

  • Another graduated REET for housing bill

  • Another set of ADU bills

  • Bill incentivizes cities to establish housing affordability zones

  • Bill would create community forest grant program

  • After a snow delay, Multifamily Tax Exemption bills will be heard

  • Substitute version of HPA and bulkheads bill moves forward

  • Senate version of plastic packaging stewardship bill on the move

  • Updates on public disclosure exemption bills

  • House committee to hear bill on local government ranked choice voting

  • Public hearing held on legislative records bill

  • Opioid treatment bills advance, adds requirements for jails

  • Bill to address placement of sexually violent predators scheduled for hearing

  • PERS 1 COLA bill gets public hearing rescheduled

  • Bills to address hate crimes and add criteria for protection orders

  • Legislation to protect minors from sexual exploitation

  • Bills to protect animals scheduled for public hearings

  • Bill makes changes to driving with a suspended license laws

  • Motorized foot scooter companion bill

  • Utility lien bill gets new title and bill number

  • Hauler recycling bill up for a hearing in the Senate

  • State considers opportunities to reinvest in critical infrastructure challenges

  • Bill to allow municipal cannabis retail gets a hearing

  • Snow closes the Capitol

  • Motorized foot scooter bill to be heard this week

  • Watch testimony on one of AWC’s priorities – culvert funding

  • Bill to regulate religious homeless encampments returns

  • Bill would create a new legal framework for short-term rentals

  • Bill restricts annexation covenants for utility services

  • Companion short plat bill will be heard

  • B&O tax filer deadline to align with federal tax day

  • Bill expanding uses for city traffic safety cameras set for hearing

  • Bill to require public fleets to become electric by late 2020s

  • Bill would turn Public Works Trust Fund into State Infrastructure Bank

  • Public records inspection availability bill set for hearing

  • House to hear bill on restricting weapons in libraries and parks

  • AWC’s economic development bill amended and voted out of committee

  • Hearing set for legislative public records bill

  • Bill makes changes to Growth Management Hearings Board

  • Local tax flexibility

  • Proposed changes to public works bidding process

  • Public works contracting bill updates

  • Companion Park Benefit District bill gets a hearing

  • Bills to restore Public Works Trust Fund for infrastructure receive hearings

  • Small city Multifamily Tax Exemption bill to be heard in Ways & Means

  • Basic Law Enforcement Academy wait times reduction bill moves

  • Paid Family & Medical Leave technical fix bill gets second hearing

  • First-responder occupational disease bills get hearings

  • Committee to hear bill on PERS 1 COLA

  • House’s version of a housing and density bill is introduced

  • Bill would help fire departments recover cleanup costs

  • Firearm seizure and restricted access related to domestic violence and protection orders

  • Preemption of cities ability to impose employee-based taxes

  • Bill proposing community service for litterers advances

  • AGO request bill would consolidate traffic LFOs

  • New bills would restore PWTF resources

  • Recycling market response bills offer a mix of solutions

  • Open meetings bill scheduled for public hearing

  • Bill proposes new requirement on state paid stormwater fees

  • Municipal electric utilities planning efforts for transportation electrification

  • Proposal to increase fines for violators of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes

  • Bills to secure funding for the Transportation Improvement Board

  • Proposed changes to city pavement conditions reports

  • Cities banned from attaching some utility liens

  • Bills related to union dues collection and union security scheduled for hearings

  • Bill prohibiting employers from seeking salary history scheduled for hearing

  • Survey for elected officials on experiences with Target Zero

  • Proposal to change GMA urban services definition

  • GMA housing element expansion bill

  • Tiny homes bill receives a hearing

  • AWC-supported public records bill scheduled for hearing

  • New local housing revenue ideas emerge

  • Bills affecting public works contracting thresholds

  • A new minimum density bill, with implications for Sound Transit

  • Bill to authorize financing for local government infrastructure

  • Two Sunshine Committee bills scheduled for Friday hearing

  • Legislature to hear bills restricting government use of new technologies

  • Law enforcement behavioral health grant bill gets public hearing

  • Bill creating efficiencies in adoption of council-manager government scheduled for hearing

  • Cities testify in support of AWC’s economic development priority bill

  • Nonprofit homeownership development companion bill will be heard

  • Senate version of wrongful death bill advances

  • Bill regulates use of automated license plate recognition systems

  • Bill authorizes creation of a municipal police district

  • Bill allows local governments to receive a cannabis retail license

  • Call before you dig bill

  • 2018 Lodging tax expenditure data reporting site now open

  • I-940 “fix” bill passes Legislature

  • Simplification of B&O tax apportionment

  • More than 1,400 bills have been introduced so far in 2019

  • Three bills address barriers to building condos

  • Governor’s request energy efficiency bill up for a hearing

  • Smoke alarm bill may create unfunded mandate

  • Orca task force recommendation bill on HPA and bulkheads

  • Self-help housing bill has House companion

  • REET bill introduced in the House

  • The House adds more bills expanding property tax exemption for affordable housing

  • Bills addressing affordable housing development by religious organizations

  • AWC priority bill encouraging investments in affordable & supportive housing

  • Bill streamlines annexations of unincorporated islands

  • “Best available science” for critical area planning bill is heard

  • Bill proposes changes to mobile home park home siting

  • Cannabis home grow and delivery bills to be heard

  • Food truck bill gets a hearing

  • I-940 “fix” bill passes the House

  • Bill authorizes regulation of the open carrying of firearms in public meetings

  • Senate version of wrongful death bill advances

  • Two pension bills scheduled for public hearings

  • Legislators introduce Governor’s behavioral health bills

  • Rural development and opportunity zone act scheduled for hearing

  • Committee will hold hearing on broadband expansion bill

  • AWC economic development priority bill set for public hearing

  • AWC seeking city feedback on facial recognition privacy bill

  • Treasurer’s proposal to provide enhanced investment services

  • Bills address voluntary cleanup of contaminated properties

  • Prohibition on local governments’ toll authority

  • Military surplus vehicle bill to be heard

  • Creation of parks benefit districts provides new revenue options

  • Hearings on sidewalk delivery devices

  • Bill allows certain cities to directly impose lodging tax

  • Work underway to address “unintended consequences” of prevailing wage changes

  • 2019 Legislative Session starts off with a fast pace

  • Bill creates a private right of action for motorcycle profiling

  • Chemical Action Plans bill scheduled for Thursday

  • Foreclosure protection efforts continue this session

  • Several bills address the proliferation of plastics

  • Proposed changes to the Voting Rights Act

  • Several bills expand property tax exemption for affordable housing

  • Self-help housing sales tax and REET exemption bill up for a hearing

  • Bill proposes to extend city authority to use REET for housing and homelessness

  • Wrongful death bills are back this year

  • Bill proposes to raise the burden of proof in forfeiture hearings

  • Bill proposing community service for litterers gets a hearing

  • Senate version of public defense funding bill will be heard

  • A flurry of Growth Management Act bills in the Senate

  • Bill to reduce wait time for basic law enforcement training gets a hearing

  • Public works small works roster bill to be heard

  • FMSIB annual report

  • Transportation cameras bill allows use in prosecution of crimes

  • Senate Remote Testimony Pilot Program expanded to public

  • Bill restricting cannabis business siting is scheduled for a committee vote

  • Cannabis home grows bill gets a hearing

  • I-940 “fix” bills are on the fast track

  • Senate work session on draft transportation package

  • Washington infrastructure receives a “C” grade

  • Adult family home bill gets a public hearing

  • New legislation requires prepaid postage for all elections

  • NLC comments on Opportunity Zones tax breaks

  • Hearing held on Sunshine Committee recommendations bill

  • Injured worker benefit payment bill set for hearing

  • Firefighter safety bill scheduled for hearing

  • Bill would allow state to invest pension assets of first-class cities

  • Secretary of State certifies I-976, car tab initiative, to Legislature

  • Bill creates a pilot for cities to hire homeless

  • Sign on to support funding for homelessness prevention

  • 2019 Legislative Session is here!

  • Settlement approved in Trueblood case

  • Study bill to create a disaster planning work group

  • Hearing scheduled for public defense services funding bill

  • Governor announces initiative to pardon marijuana misdemeanors

  • Initiative 940 "fix" bills scheduled for a hearing

  • Bill restricting cannabis business siting gets a hearing

  • Transparency of local taxing districts

  • DRS releases annual financial report on state pension systems

  • DRS announces 2019 retirement planning seminars for public employees

  • JLARC releases public records data brief

  • AWC will file amicus supporting city rights-of-way

  • I-976 aims to reduce motor vehicle fees & limit Transportations Benefit Districts

  • Local governments are eligible for Automated Driving System demonstration grants

  • Premiums have begun – Cities have unanswered PFML implementation questions

  • A mixed review of the Governor’s proposed budget

  • Governor releases 2019 budget proposals

  • Orca Task Force’s recommendations highlighted in Governor’s budget

  • State Auditor’s Office updates

  • Governor announces proposal on clean energy and reducing greenhouse gases

  • Sixteen rural cities receive 2018 CDBG awards

  • Labor & Industries proposing updated rules that could double overtime exemption threshold

  • Prefiled bill proposes additional restrictions to cannabis business siting

  • New year, new leave law: PFML premium collection begins in 2019!

  • Governor announces plan to significantly increase community-based behavioral health treatment system

  • WFOA announces 2019 class schedule

  • Prevailing Wage Agency system updates

  • City transportation needs discussed at recent Joint Transportation Committee

  • Commerce releases new buildable lands report guidelines

  • Round two of Behavioral Health Facilities grant program opens

  • The mid-term elections and Washington cities

  • WSDOT survey for users of Interstate 5 in Thurston County

  • AWC response to FCC franchise rule making

  • Eyman submits initiative to reduce car tabs

  • Archives offers free public records trainings

  • Public Records Task Force hears from local government leaders

  • Opportunity Zones provide investment incentive for low-income areas

  • ESD releases PFML toolkit to assist employers

  • New law may require your agency to send child support payments electronically

  • Select Committee on Pension Policy votes in support of Plan 1 COLA

  • Online tool shows local student homelessness data

  • Provide feedback to Ecology on update to Critical Aquifer Recharge Area Guidance

  • Initiative 940 – What happens next?

  • Commerce hosts final workshops on civilian-military compatibility planning

  • Deadline approaches for cities to adopt the model license threshold

  • House Finance Committee briefing on B&O tax apportionment workgroup report

  • New FCC rules preempt cities on small cell deployment

  • FCC proposes new rules on cable franchise fees

  • Senate Republicans propose behavioral health package

  • AWC fights for local decision-making in new amicus brief

  • Streamflow restoration grant application closes October 31

  • Bothell and AWC advocate for new economic development tools

  • EAP overtime exemption rulemaking underway

  • Select Committee on Pension Policy discusses potential Plan 1 COLA

  • Public records task force holds second meeting

  • Feeling overwhelmed by cybersecurity? Check these resources

  • Do you have ash trees in your parks or streetscapes? Read this

  • Statewide inventory of untested sexual assault kits complete

  • Spots available at SAO BARS Roundtable events

  • Commerce hosting civilian-military compatibility planning workshops

  • B&O tax apportionment workgroup report completed

  • AWC collecting information on city adoption of the model license threshold

  • Final weeks to comment on Western WA stormwater manual

  • Reminder: Draft stormwater permits workshops & webinars

  • Innovations and Partnerships in Transportation Conference

  • AWC finalizes 2019 Legislative Priorities

  • Budget and campaign season are in full swing

  • New prevailing wage rates creating sticker shock for cities

  • Public records task force holds first meeting

  • The Puget Sound Action Agenda is open for public comment

  • B&O tax apportionment workgroup nearing final recommendations

  • Planning for small cell wireless infrastructure

  • CERB rural broadband program accepting loan grant applications

  • Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation information session

  • Deadline approaching for BLS partner cities to adopt model license provisions

  • Drug take-back program in rulemaking

  • Ninth Circuit decision on criminalizing homelessness

  • ESD is seeking city feedback on PFML Phase 3 rules

  • I-940 will go to the ballot

  • Municipal stormwater permits out for comment

  • Limited grant opportunity – Quality indigent defense assessments

  • Tips for using the legislature’s website for bill information

  • Welcome to View from the Hill!

  • Paid family and medical leave is coming to Washington – is your city ready?

  • AWC participates in Autonomous Vehicle Work Group subcommittees

  • Settlement reached in Trueblood case

  • Bellevue resolution honors Chinese-American veterans

  • Reports submitted to the Legislature on domestic violence reforms

  • USDA public works funding for rural communities

  • Public Works Board accepting loan applications

  • New rulemaking and guidance under the Streamflow Restoration Act

  • Business license cities must adopt a mandatory model threshold by Jan. 1

  • B&O tax apportionment workgroup needs feedback from B&O cities

  • Additional city corrections employees now eligible for PSERS

  • Employee retirement contribution rates to increase

  • Cities successfully report public record data under new mandate

  • Grid modernization bidders’ conference

  • Net metering update

  • Public Works Board loan approvals

  • Summer brings opportunity to dive into legislative issues

  • Lodging tax update

  • Visualizing housing costs in Washington

  • City B&O tax apportionment workgroup

  • Supreme Court ruling in Janus v. AFSCME will impact city labor relations

  • JLARC records reporting reopened until July 27

  • Phase two Paid Family and Medical Leave rulemaking is underway

  • Take the survey to help strengthen rural businesses in our state

  • Ecology releases water resources guidance

  • New AGO resources for human trafficking survivors

  • City transportation task forces begin their work

  • Updated Critical Areas Handbook now available

  • Commerce kicks off civilian-military compatibility planning project

  • WSDOT’s Consolidated Grant Program accepting applications

  • Review & comment on Ecology draft stormwater manuals

  • National workshop explores automated vehicles

  • Select Committee on Pension Policy recommends rate change

  • Final city business license model threshold

  • Federal legislation preempting the rights of cities

  • I-1639: Gun violence prevention

  • I-1631: Clean air clean energy

  • I-1634: Taxation of groceries

  • U.S. Supreme Court issues long-awaited opinion on collecting remote sales tax

  • Special message from the AWC CEO

  • AWC’s legislative priorities process underway

  • Join state officials in discussion on Trueblood proposed agreement

  • Learn more about the Pacific Northwest Regional Economics Conference

  • Equal Pay Opportunity Act takes effect

  • Drinking Water State Revolving Fund intended use plan

  • U.S. Attorneys highlight black market cannabis in OR & WA

  • Workgroup considers expanding Don’t Drip and Drive program statewide

  • Supreme Court will hear I-940 case