2021 City Legislative Priorities

During the 2021 legislative session, Washington’s 281 cities ask the Legislature to take action on these priorities and partner with cities to meet the needs of our residents.


State-shared revenues

Maintain revenue sharing with cities. Cities support increased shared revenue distributions to cities (especially when there is a commensurate increase in state revenue) and ask the state to look for other opportunities to expand revenue sharing.

Read the shared revenues fact sheet.


Transportation revenue package

Adopt a new transportation revenue package that emphasizes maintenance/preservation funding and provides an equitable level of local funding as well as additional local revenue options for cities.

Read the transportation revenue package fact sheet.

Fiscal flexibility

Provide cities greater flexibility to use funds from existing revenue sources to help cities manage the impacts of the current economic downturn. This will allow cities to direct scarce resources where they are most needed when responding to pressing community conditions.

Read the fiscal flexibility fact sheet.


Housing stability assistance

Work in a coalition to develop additional resources to address housing instability created by the economic impacts of the COVID‐19 pandemic, including rent assistance and foreclosure/eviction prevention assistance.

Read the housing stability fact sheet.


Statewide policing reforms

Support local control over city law enforcement policy decisions to meet the needs of each community and appropriately contain costs. Cities understand our obligation to address racial equity in policing – both state requirements and local policies.

Cities support the following statewide reforms:

  • Develop a statewide standard for use of force that preserves the right of local jurisdictions to enact more restrictive standards based on community input.
  • Create a database to track officers who have been fired for misconduct.
  • Expand grounds for decertification to include use of force violations.
  • Require that officer misconduct investigations be completed, regardless of an officer’s resignation.
  • Establish a duty for all law enforcement officers to immediately intervene and report misconduct or illegal activity by a fellow police officer.
  • Require that all officers receive regular support for vicarious trauma and mental well-being, including peer support, mental health counseling, and appropriate mental health screenings. Officers involved in any fatal use of force must undergo a mental health screening prior to returning to duty.

Read the police reform fact sheet.

Other fact sheets:


Legislative priority process

The AWC Legislative Priorities Committee meets multiple times per year to identify and recommend to the AWC Board of Directors which city issues should be legislative priorities. The committee comprises approximately 25 city officials from throughout the state. The AWC Board of Directors adopts the next year's legislative priorities at its fall meeting.


Federal priorities

The health and vitality of local economies are critical to a robust and dynamic national economy. Federal fiscal policies should enhance the ability of local elected officials to respond to needs at the local level. More


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