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RMSA is the full-service risk management choice, protecting the employees, assets and officials of Washington’s cities and towns. We are large enough to safeguard your assets, yet small enough to know your name. We strive to solve problems before they happen, and protect your future when they do.

Claims & coverage
Offering comprehensive property and liability coverage through the highest rated excess and reinsurance companies.
Education & grants
Providing members with tools and educational opportunities to better manage your risk. Trainings are tailored to municipalities, and always free for RMSA members.
Publications & guides
Our publications and guides help members make the most of their RSMA membership, manage risk, and stay informed.
When to call
RMSA is your full-service, risk-management solution. Have a sticky situation? We’re here to provide you the resources you need to stay out of trouble.
24-hour claim line | 360.753.3326
About RMSA
RMSA is a member-owned risk pool. Comprehensive risk management support helps stabilize insurance costs, and minimizes loss exposures through risk-sharing and joint indemnification of losses.


  • Attend Labor Relations Institute

    May 2-4 | Yakima. The premier training event for public sector human resource professionals in Washington! Use your RMSA scholarship to attend!
  • RMSA annual renewal survey – due April 30

    Each RMSA member was emailed the new and improved electronic renewal survey on April 2. It included instructions for updating property, vehicle, and equipment inventories for the 2019 renewal.
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  • HR Helpline and online human resource tools for members, watch the video!

  • RMSA*U - 24/7 training, learn how it works!

  • Legislature makes changes to laws on law enforcement use of force but many questions remain

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