• Legislature approaches first cutoff deadline as Olympia thaws out
    Like many parts our state, Olympia was hit with a lot of snow last week. But we’re back to full speed now with an important legislative cutoff deadline approaching. Learn what cities are tracking.
  • AWC priority housing investment bills continue to move and need your support!
    HB 1406, and its companion SB 5646, would create a revenue sharing partnership between the state and cities and counties for affordable housing construction.
  • Utility lien bill gets new title and bill number

  • Listen to the CityVoice Podcast: Episode 4 on The Public Works Trust Fund and fixing fish-blocking culverts

  • Save on cleaning and janitorial supplies with U.S. Communities

  • AWC 2019 Legislative Priorities


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March 20-21 | Lynnwood
Healthy Worksite Summit

Calling all employers! Come together to learn, share, and explore the latest trends in workplace health promotion.

March 25 | Olympia
AWC Lobby Day

Attend this one-day Capitol Campus event to add your voice and let legislators know how they can help retain and enhance strong cities.


Cityvision magazine

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    Path finders: Mobility choices that drive cities forward

    This issue explores an important investment that we make in our communities – transportation infrastructure. Read this selection of stories about cities that are having thoughtful transportation conversations to bring our communities together.


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AWC Open Data Portal – Rising rents

Check out the rents dashboard to see the impact of rising rents across the state.

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How cutoff dates work in the life of a bill


The legislative process includes important deadlines known as “cutoff” dates. Watch this video to learn more.

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