• Legislature approaches first cutoff deadline as Olympia thaws out
    Like many parts our state, Olympia was hit with a lot of snow last week. But we’re back to full speed now with an important legislative cutoff deadline approaching. Learn what cities are tracking.
  • AWC priority housing investment bills continue to move and need your support!
    HB 1406, and its companion SB 5646, would create a revenue sharing partnership between the state and cities and counties for affordable housing construction.
  • Utility lien bill gets new title and bill number

  • Listen to the CityVoice Podcast: Episode 4 on The Public Works Trust Fund and fixing fish-blocking culverts

  • Save on cleaning and janitorial supplies with U.S. Communities

  • AWC 2019 Legislative Priorities


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March 20-21 | Lynnwood
Healthy Worksite Summit

Calling all employers! Come together to learn, share, and explore the latest trends in workplace health promotion.

March 25 | Olympia
AWC Lobby Day

Attend this one-day Capitol Campus event to add your voice and let legislators know how they can help retain and enhance strong cities.


Cityvision magazine

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    Local twist: Aligning levels of authority in an age of preemption

    Cities have legal rights to make local decisions that impact their communities. But what happens when other levels of government try to override those decisions? Read how some Washington cities strengthened community control.


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AWC Open Data Portal – Rising rents

Check out the rents dashboard to see the impact of rising rents across the state.

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How cutoff dates work in the life of a bill


The legislative process includes important deadlines known as “cutoff” dates. Watch this video to learn more.

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