• Final week of session is here!
    This is the final week of the 2019 Session. The legislature is scheduled to adjourn on Sunday, April 28.
  • AWC Board of Directors applicants
    See who is running for the AWC Board of Directors.
  • Tax bills related to operating budget move out of committees

  • May 7: Amazon Business & OMNIA Partners cooperative purchasing webinar

  • Congratulations 2019 WellCities!

  • AWC bill tracking hot sheet for April 22-26


Featured events

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Small City Connectors

Join AWC for a free catered dinner and connect with other small cities and towns in your area.

May 1-3 | Yakima
Labor Relations Institute

Register for Washington's most respected resource for public sector collective bargaining and human resources fields.


Cityvision magazine

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    All hands on tech: Cities confront the promise and perils of innovation

    How has technology affected your city? This issue of Cityvision explores this and other questions as Washington cities confront the promise and perils of innovation.


Featured data & resources

AWC Open Data Portal – Transportation Benefits Districts

Over 100 Washington cities have formed transportation benefit districts (TBDs) to help meet the transportation needs of their community. This dashboard shows where TBDs have formed, how they are funded and how much revenue they generate.

More data stories

How cutoff dates work in the life of a bill


The legislative process includes important deadlines known as “cutoff” dates. Watch this video to learn more.

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