There is power in pooling. It’s the right choice for cities.

AWC’s member cities and towns, and public agencies that are Associate Members, can apply to join our Member Pooling Programs. These programs were created especially for cities and towns that need quality benefits, risk management and workplace safety services at a reasonable cost.


Employee Benefit Trust

The Employee Benefit Trust is Washington's largest local government benefit pool for cities, towns, and other local governments. We provide quality, efficient, and cost effective benefit and health promotion programs with the highest level of service.


Risk Management Service Agency

RMSA is the full-service risk management choice for Washington’s cities and towns. We are large enough to protect your assets, yet small enough to know your name. We strive to solve problems before they happen, and protect your future when they do.


Workers’ Comp Retro Program

Workers’ Comp Retro provides training and tools that empower employers to lower risks for on-the-job injuries. Our focus on injury prevention and safety reduces your overall workers’ compensation costs and provides the opportunity for refunds.


Drug & Alcohol Consortium

The Drug & Alcohol Consortium helps members comply with the federal Department of Transportation’s mandated drug and alcohol testing requirement for CDL (commercial driver’s license) employees, transit drivers, and gas utility workers.



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