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Peter B. King


Luann Hopkins


Michelle Catlin, Executive Assistant

Stephanie Roosa, Public Records Officer



Alicia Seegers Martinelli, Director


Jen Brimer
Web Designer

Werner Ide
Artistic Designer

Mitch Netzer
Interactive Communications Coordinator

Colleen O'Connor
Marketing & Communications Specialist

Shawna Rice
Communications Coordinator

Emma Shepard
Communications Coordinator

Data management

Geraldine Gates
Data Specialist

Adam Krell
Business Analyst

Jill Springer
Project/Data Management Supervisor


Doug Evans
IT Manager

Eugene Ryser
Database Developer

Tim Shoemaker
Network & Desktop Supervisor

David Hearn
IT Support Specialist



Tonia Sugarman, Director

Gina Abram
Meeting & Event Planner

Heidi Olmstead
Education Manager

Karen Tanner
Membership Coordinator

Renee Villa
Meeting & Event Assistant

Education Developer


Financial & Administrative Services

Lucy Lu, CFO

Maegen Acoba
Accounting Assistant II

Chase Anderson
Accounting Coordinator

Laura Langston
Administrative Assistant II

April Petersen
Accounting Manager

Administrative Assistant II


Government Relations

Dave Williams, Director

Logan Bahr
Government Relations Advocate
Issue areas – Emergency management, law & justice, liability, marijuana (policy), open government, pensions, personnel & labor relations

Victoria Lincoln
Government Relations Advocate
Issue areas – Energy, general government, marijuana (fiscal), municipal finance, state budget, telecommunications

Carl Schroeder
Government Relations Advocate
Issue areas – Environment & water, housing, human services, land use, state building codes

Jane Wall
Government Relations Advocate
Issue areas – Economic development, infrastructure, transportation

Government Relations Analyst
Issue areas – Economic development, energy, environment & water, housing, infrastructure, land use, state building codes, telecommunications, transportation

Shannon McClelland
Government Relations Analyst
Issue areas – Emergency management, general government, health care (non-personnel issues), human services (policy), law & justice, liability, marijuana (policy), open government, personnel & labor relations

Andrew Pittelkau
Government Relations Analyst
Issues areas – Human services (fiscal), marijuana (fiscal), municipal finance, pensions, state budget

Regina Adams
Government Relations Coordinator
Issue area – Federal



Sheila Gall, General Counsel


Member Pooling Programs

Carol Wilmes, Director

Andy Clarke
Marketing – Field Service Coordinator

Employee Benefit Trust

Heidi Buswell
Employee Benefits Specialist – Technical assistance, plan changes.

Tanya Campbell
Employee Benefits Specialist – Eligibility, enrollment, and reconciliations.

Niki Charneski
Health Promotion Specialist – Health screenings, health questionnaire, coaching programs.

Beverly Lakey
Program Manager
Manages all aspects of benefits and health promotion in the Trust.

Darla Mansfield
Employee Benefits Supervisor – Supervises benefits staff, administers benefit programs, onsite education/presentations.

Julie McDowell
Health Promotion Supervisor – Supervises wellness staff, administers health promotion programs, onsite education/ presentations.

Karissa McLaughlin
Benefits Coordinator – Coordinates field work & the Trust's education program, gives benefit presentations, and helps with benefit administration.

Shilah Miller
Employee Benefits Representative – Customer service and technical assistance.

Jon Smith
Health Promotion Consultant – Member education, networking forums, wellness campaigns.

Risk Management Service Agency (RMSA)

Dylan Andersen
Loss Prevention Specialist

Adrienne Beatty
Program Manager

Kaitlin Riley
Claims Specialist

Harlan Stientjes
Claims & Pre-Litigation Manager

Nate Sulya
Membership Specialist

Ryan Tisi
Membership Coordinator

Workers' Comp Retro Program

Brian Bishop
Program Manager

Jody Brennan-Wagner
Claims Coordinator

Ian Payne
Loss Prevention Specialist

Peri Smith
Claims Coordinator

Melissa Taylor
Membership Specialist

Drug & Alcohol Consortium

Andy Clarke
Marketing – Field Service Coordinator

Melissa Taylor
Membership Specialist

Carol Wilmes
Program Manager


Strategic Alliances

Michelle Harvey, Director

Marnie McGrath
Research Analyst

Andy Meyer
Special Projects Coordinator

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