Drug & Alcohol Consortium

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The AWC Drug & Alcohol Consortium helps members stay in compliance with federal drug and alcohol testing requirements. Our pool of more than 1,500 drivers and safety sensitive employees makes the D&A Consortium the right choice for employers large and small.

We help members comply with federally-mandated drug and alcohol testing requirements for CDL employees, transit drivers, gas utility workers, and coast guard operators. Also providing non-federal testing services.
Regulations & compliance 
We are your partner in ensuring you meet all federally-mandated testing requirements, but we can’t do it without your help. Stay up-to-date with testing and recordkeeping.
Policies & support 
We provide the support and information you need to implement best practices, understand what you are required to do, and stay compliant.
Check out our rates for motor carrier, transit, pipeline, and coast guard random drug and alcohol testing, non-random services, and mobile testing options.
Our training helps you stay compliant and gain expertise. Required trainings for supervisors and the Designated Employer Representative are included with your membership.
About the D&A Consortium
Learn about our comprehensive approach to helping you stay up-to-date on your testing requirements and access additional testing services.



  • Be proactive to prevent substance misuse
    Local government employers have an obligation to ensure a safe, productive work environment and that employees are fit for duty while serving their community. Learn three things you can do to prevent substance misuse.
  • Off-hours testing
    AWC D&A Consortium members subject to U.S. DOT audit this year have experienced increased emphasis on off-hours, random testing of safety sensitive employees with shift hours.


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