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AWC represents the interests of Washington’s diverse cities and towns. One united voice, speaking for cities large and small, has a significant impact on lawmakers and other interest groups in Olympia.

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Find out what cities need. We need to ensure every legislator knows the state is only as strong as its cities and towns.
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Learn how to engage with legislators, media, and access our advocacy guide.
About AWC's advocacy work
Our team in Olympia engages state officials and decision-makers so they know the state is only as strong as its cities and towns.
Legislator directory
Use AWC’s legislative directory to find legislator contact and/or committee information by city, last name, or district.
Legislative Bulletin
AWC's Legislative Bulletin covers what you need to know about issue areas, hot topics, and how to take action on city priorities.


  • Podcast: Six mayors share how CARES CRF funds have helped their communities

  • OPMA & PRA emergency proclamation extended to October 1

  • AWC offers central contact list for Eastern WA city leaders

  • Feds impose eviction moratorium

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