Drug & Alcohol Consortium

support-icon-75Policies & support

In addition to providing testing services so you can meet federal requirements, we provide the support and information you need to implement best practices, understand what you’re required to do, and stay compliant.

Sample policy and last chance agreement

Every employer must have an adopted policy that is a reflection of your workplace culture. As a D&A member, we provide you with sample policies as a starting point in developing or revising a drug and alcohol policy for employees covered by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Forms and checklists

Access all the forms and checklists you need.


Our training helps you stay compliant and gain expertise.

Audit assistance

If your jurisdiction has been notified of an audit or if you would like assistance with an internal DOT audit to review your files, learn how we can help.

Substance Abuse Professional scope of services

When an employee violates a DOT drug and alcohol regulation, the employer is required to give the employee a listing of SAP’s available to the employee. Find out how the D&A Consortium can help you connect with a SAP.


Get information to help in your proactive efforts to prevent substance misuse.

D&A Digest

D&A Digest is delivered to D&A Consortium members quarterly. It contains important program information about testing, training, and compliance requirements.

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