Drug & Alcohol Consortium

Are you proactively promoting ways to help prevent substance misuse in your workplace?

Local government employers have an obligation to ensure a safe, productive work environment and that employees are fit for duty while serving their community. Here are three things you can do to prevent substance misuse:

  1. Provide educational information and prevention.
  2. Have written policies that prohibit misuse and also give guidance on what to do when misuse occurs.
  3. Provide caring resources and ways to get help – align with the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

The AWC D&A Consortium is here to help with all three of these recommendations:

  • Schedule your customized Drug Free Workplace Training with AWC. Staff will review your policy, and will tailor employee and supervisor sessions to relate best practices with your workplace culture. Contact Melissa Taylor.
  • Access the template policies here. These have been reviewed by the AWC D&A Consortium legal advisors at Summit Law Group; you can then insert your workplace policies as you see fit.
  • AWC Trust offers EAP for purchase, if you are not already an AWC Employee Benefit Trust member.
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