Risk Management Service Agency

AWC RMSA Board of Directors

AWC RMSA is governed by a seven member Board of Directors, which is comprised of AWC RMSA member’s elected officials who serve the membership at large.

BoardJamesBaileyPresident & Position 1
Jim Bailey
Councilmember, Wenatchee

BoardMikeSchaubVice President & Position 5
Mike Schaub
Mayor, Eatonville

BoardBruceAlbertPosition 2
Bruce Albert
Councilmember, Index

BoardLeanneGuierPosition 3
Leanne Guier
Mayor, Pacific

TrevinoPosition 4
Jose Trevino
Mayor, Granger

BoardJWFosterPosition 6
JW Foster
Mayor, Yelm

BoardStruckPosition 7
Julie Struck
Mayor, South Bend


Qualification requirements and expectations

The only criteria for becoming part of this governing Board is that you must be an elected official of an AWC RMSA member entity. Terms begin in January of each year and continue for three years. Candidates are elected by a majority vote of the membership through sealed ballots, opened during the AWC RMSA Board of Directors meeting in November. Vacancies which occur during the year are appointed from applicants whose names are submitted to the AWC RMSA Board of Directors.

The AWC RMSA Board of Directors meets three times per year. Expenses incurred for travel (mileage at the current rate established by OFM) and approved lodging, meal and incidental expenses are reimbursed by the RMSA Program.

Meeting attendance

At any AWC RMSA Board of Directors meeting, the presence by a majority of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. To ensure this, all Board members are expected to attend each meeting. Any member who is absent from three consecutive meetings without being excused are dismissed from the Board. Proxies shall not be allowed to serve in place of a Board member in that Board member’s absence.

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