Published on Aug 19, 2019

Register for two free webinars covering FCC Order on cable franchising

Contact: Logan Bahr, Maggie Carol

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued a Third Report and Order pertaining to cable franchises in early August. The Order will likely have an effect on any Washington cities with cable system franchises, especially those with public, educational, and governmental access channels (PEG).

The National League of Cities (NLC) is hosting a webinar to discuss the FCC order, when it goes into effect, and the impact it will have on cities. NLC will also provide an overview as to what other cities and municipal leagues are doing to challenge the FCC order. Speakers include Gerard Lavery Lederer, partner at Best Best & Krieger, Mike Lynch, Director of Broadband and Cable for the City of Boston, and Angelina Panettieri, Principal Associate for the Technology and Communications division at NLC.

This webinar is on August 27 and is free to attend. Click here to register.

Ogden Murphy Wallace is also hosting a webinar to provide an overview of the recent FCC Order and its impacts on Washington municipalities. Elana Zana, Telecommunications Attorney at Ogden Murphy Wallace, will cover the categorization of in-kind contributions (such as complimentary cable services), impact on PEG and I-Nets, the Mixed-Use Rule, and FCC’s preemption of state and local regulation.

This webinar is on September 17 and is free for municipal governments and their attorneys to attend. Click here to register.

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