Published on Jul 14, 2019

Joint Transportation Committee hears report on city transportation funding needs

Contact: Logan Bahr, Shannon McClelland

On June 26, the Joint Transportation Committee (JTC) heard the findings of a study assessing the current state of city transportation systems. The report identifies funding responsibilities and sources, assesses gaps and future needs, and makes recommendations to address current and future needs. The final report and a presentation were provided to the JTC. Funding for the study was provided through cities’ share of the gas tax.

Here are some of the key takeaways:

  • Cities have stepped up to invest in their local transportation systems and provide about 80% of the transportation funding at the local level
  • There is a gap in funding for system maintenance and preservation costs of about $1 billion per year
  • Beyond this $1 billion base gap, there are additional costs including system capacity needs, deferred maintenance/preservation, ADA improvements, and environmental mitigation (including culverts)
  • Two priority recommendations:
    1. Increase support for preservation through new or focused funding, incentives, and services to reduce lifecycle costs
    2. Provide better paths to reach full funding of large-scale local projects that outstrip local and regional resources

AWC will work with legislators to move forward with the report’s recommendations.

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