Published on Mar 11, 2019

Proposal to allow tiny house communities passes Senate

Contact: Carl Schroeder, Shannon McClelland

A substitute version of SB 5383, concerning the creation of tiny house communities, has passed out of the Senate.

The bill does the following:

  • Authorizes cities and towns to adopt ordinances regulating the creation of tiny house communities, including through use of the binding site plan method.
  • Prohibits cities and towns from adopting ordinances that prevent entry or require removal of a tiny house with wheels used as a primary residence in a manufactured/mobile home community.
  • “Tiny house community” is defined as real property rented or held out for rent to others for the placement of tiny houses with wheels or tiny houses using the binding site plan method.
  • “Tiny house” and “tiny house with wheels” is defined as a dwelling to be used as permanent housing with permanent provisions for living, sleeping, eating, cooking, and sanitation built in accordance with Appendix Q of the International Resident Code.
  • Appendix Q of the Code is adopted as part of the state building code to be applicable to all cities and counties.
  • Both types of tiny houses are subject to factory-built housing standards and rules administered by the Department of Labor and Industries.
  • The owner of land on which a tiny house community is located must make reasonable accommodation for utility hookups for water, power, and sewer services in compliance with the Manufactured/Mobile Home Landlord-Tenant Act (MHLTA).
  • Applies all rights and subjects all duties and penalties under the MHLTA to tenants of tiny house communities.
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