Published on Dec 04, 2018

Become a featured city on AWC’s playing card deck

Contact: Communications team

What do you love about your city? When you have visitors, where do you take them in town to show off your local flavor? We’d love to see it! AWC issues fun and playful card decks at many of our conferences and events. The decks feature beautiful and interesting photos showcasing everything our 281 cities and towns have to offer. Send your photos to us! If you play your cards right, your city could be featured!

To enter, email with your photo entry attached. See the rules and legal notice below.

The rules

  • Send high-resolution, vertically-shot (like playing cards) images of places or things in your city or town that emphasize the unique qualities of your city.
  • Include the photo or image title, date, location, and artist name or photographer name (if applicable).
  • You may send us all of your best city photos, but keep in mind that we don’t plan on featuring any cities on more than one card.
  • Please do not submit the art if you cannot confer the rights to produce the image. This includes gaining copyright approval and permission from any photographers taking the photo, or art being photographed. By submitting the image to AWC, you accept that AWC has all rights to use the image. (See legal notice.)

Legal notice

It is the submitter’s responsibility to ensure that all materials:

  • Do not contain depictions that would be defamatory or otherwise unlawful;
  • Are original or otherwise that permission to use materials has been obtained; and
  • Do not violate any copyright, proprietary, intellectual property, or personal rights of others.

Deadline for submissions is January 11.

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