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Published on Aug 21, 2020

Utility rate setting basics for elected officials

Contact: AWC online learning

Join AWC and FCS Group to learn the fundamentals of rate setting for a wide range of scenarios and customers including residential, commercial, industrial and irrigation. Focus on a number of perspectives that reflect the true cost of system operations and cost recovery in proportion to how costs are incurred by various customers on the system. Emphasis will be placed on developing rates that reflect current trends, policy and regulatory drivers as well as innovation. Walk through the four stages of the cost-of-service rate setting process: 1) fiscal policy development; 2) revenue requirement analysis; 3) cost of service evaluation; and 4) rate design.

  • Establish utility goals and financial policies
  • Realize full cost accounting and recovery through rates
  • Define and allocate costs to customer classes
  • Identify rate structure alternatives
  • Communicate rate and charge impacts to customers and stakeholders

This webinar is for city and town elected officials.

Recorded: August 21, 2020

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Brooke Tacia, Project Manager, FCS Group


CML-icon-75City elected officials earn 1 credit toward your Certificate of Municipal Leadership and meet the public sector resource management requirement. Elected officials click here to let us know you’ve completed watching.

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