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Published on Jan 31, 2019

Municipal rates and fees

Contact: AWC Research

AWC Tax and User Fee Survey

AWC’s Tax and User Fee Survey (TUFS) is a data-gathering project undertaken every 2 to 4 years, comprised of surveys focused on one or more topics. After evaluating member needs and data availability in 2013, AWC has elected to focus primarily on municipal taxes and fees, planning and development fees, and utility rates. Data are self-reported by member cities and towns and should be used for reference only. Data may not be available for cities or towns that did not report or was provided in a format not supported by the AWC survey tool. If you haven’t submitted data yet and would like to, or if you have edits to the data posted, please contact us at

Survey results are compiled and posted here as an aid to benchmarking, policy discussions, and rate setting.

AWC Tax and User Fee Survey 2018

2018 Municipal taxes and fees (Excel)
2018 Utility rates (Excel)
2018 Planning and development fees (Excel)

AWC Tax and User Fee Survey 2016

2016 Municipal taxes and fees (Excel)

2016 Utility rates (Excel)

2016 Planning and development fees (Excel)

AWC Tax and User Fee Survey 2012

2012 TUFS Executive Summary

2012 Municipal taxes and fees (Excel)

2012 Utility rates (Excel)

2012 Planning and development fees (Excel)

For more information on the survey and the reporting tool, contact or (360) 753-4137.

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