2018 Legislative candidate questionnaire responses

AWC asked all candidates who filed to run for state legislative office to answer five questions about issues that are important to cities. The questionnaire helps city officials understand legislative candidate perspectives on city issues. If you don’t see the candidate from your district below, contact them to make sure they plan to complete the questionnaire. If they decline to respond to the questionnaire, ask to meet in person and ask them the five questions personally.

If you choose to support candidates in your private capacity, as is allowed by law, you may want to consider holding your endorsements until you’ve received satisfactory answers from candidates about what they have done or will do to maintain a strong city-state partnership.

A note about city officials’ involvement with elections
As a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, AWC does not endorse. However, city officials may engage in political activity in their private capacity. City officials are encouraged to read and understand the Public Disclosure Commission’s guidelines prior to endorsing a candidate or supporting or opposing a ballot measure.

District 1
Matt Seymour

District 2
Anneliese Feld

District 4
Ted Cummings

District 5
Chad Magendanz

District 6
Mike Volz

District 7
Jacquelin Maycumber

District 10
Dave Hayes

District 12
C. Keiki Stacy Weigle

District 14
Chris Corry

District 15
David Taylor

District 16
Everett Maroon

District 18
Larry Hoff

District 24
Jim McEntire

District 25
Chris Gildon
Ned Witting

District 26
Marty McClendon

District 28
Dick Muri

District 32
Keith Smith

District 34
Lisa Ryan Devereau

District 35
Irene Bowling
Drew MacEwen

District 39
Randy J. Hayden
Claus Joens
Ivan Lewis
Keith Wagoner

District 41
Nathaniel Deily

District 42
Sharon Shewmake
Luanne Van Werven

District 44
Jeremy Fitch

District 45
Manka Dhingra

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