Workers' Comp Retro Program

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The AWC Workers' Comp Retro Program provides training and tools that empower employers to lower risks for on-the-job injuries. Our focus on injury prevention and safety reduces your overall workers’ compensation costs. Members participate in our Retro Pool or the Safety Alliance.

When an accident happens it’s important you know what to do and when to do it. Learn about reporting a claim, the Stay at Work program, and RiskConsole.
Safety & compliance
We work to keep your employees safe before an accident happens. Find out about safety and compliance services available to members.
Performance & Refunds
We constantly monitor performance and help members lower workers’ comp costs. Understand what this means for members of the Retro Pool and Safety Alliance.
Publications & guides
Our publications and guides help members make the most of their membership and keep employees safe.
Our training helps you provide a safe work environment and meet statutory requirements. Learn about our training options.
About Workers Comp Retro
We offer a voluntary financial incentive program through the Retro Pool or a service-only option through the Safety Alliance. Learn how to join.


  • Knowing and assessing your risks

    October 18
    You can’t protect your workers from hazards you don’t know exist. Learn to engage your employees in the process, successfully use risk assessments and become a job hazard analysis master. Register now!

  • AWC Member Expo

    October 18-19 | Chelan
    Register for this popular annual conference and hear about safety, policies, aging workforce, Return to Work, maximizing program benefits and more. Register now!

  • L&I 2019 proposed rates announced

  • Effectively proposing and using safety budgets

  • Confined spaces: Update to safety rules

  • Check out the WorkSafe Employer webinar series!


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