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Our training helps you provide a safe work environment and meet statutory requirements.

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Safety doesn't happen by chance. Employers need to build a strong foundation of safety to keep employees stay safe.

A key focus of that foundation of safety includes strong policies, management support and adherence and support of safety policies across all departments. These trainings have a focus on ensuring management buy in and support to create a culture of safety at your organization. Our trainings address claims trends, risk reduction techniques and policies and safety compliance. For 2018 AWC Retro’s training calendar is focused on helping our members build and mature their safety systems and an intentional culture of safety. Trainings include both regional on-site trainings and a webinar series focusing on safety program elements covered by WorkSafe Employer.

Regional trainings

Regional on-site trainings are currently open for registration! The training is a two-part, one-day training that addresses building successful safety systems around your safety program and a workshop to help you better identify and assess the risks your workers face.

Part one – Building your organization’s safety management systems
The first portion focuses on building your safety management systems. Delve into the development and creation of management of systems that support your written safety program. Get recommendations and best practices that reinforce your written safety program and help make them effective in practice.

Part two – Knowing and assessing your risks
Participants will explore ways to identify and document the risks and hazards that your workers face. Learn why this task is essential to ensuring the safety of your employees, and see multiple variations on how this can be accomplished. Become a master of the JHA (job hazard analysis) as participants work through examples together.

Our 2018 trainings have concluded. Please check back soon for our 2019 training calendar.

Webinar series

We know it is sometimes difficult – if not impossible – to get out of the office to a training and sometimes schedules and budget don’t allow you to send those who would benefit most from trainings. To provide more training opportunities for our members, Retro has introduced a series of webinars for 2018 that focus on the safety topics covered by the WorkSafe Employer Award. Our WorkSafe Employer webinar series allows members to train more employees for less cost.

View a recorded webinar

Site-specific training

Do you have specific training needs? Examples include bloodborne pathogen control and hazardous chemical communication (GHS). Let us help you figure out how to best address your safety training needs. Contact for more information.

MemberExpoMember Expo

Held each fall, this conference helps you get the information you need to make your job easier, reduce risks, utilize free member resources, and save your city money. This free conference is free to AWC Workers’ Comp Retro members.

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