Workers' Comp Retro Program

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Our mission is every employee, home safe, every night. That’s why we work to keep your employees safe before an accident happens. Our focus on injury prevention and safety also reduces your overall workers’ compensation costs by improving your claims experience.

COVID-19 and workers’ comp

The coronavirus has affected Washingtonians in many ways and is impacting our Retro member employees. Confirmed cases in the Retro Program will be workers’ compensation claims, with impacted members receiving medical treatment and time loss for their quarantine period. Find out how COVID-19 is (and isn’t) covered through workers’ comp.

WSElogowebWorkSafe Employer

AWC Retro’s new award program recognizes member entities who are fully invested in creating a workplace culture and system where worker safety is a priority; where every employee can go home safe every night.

Safety consultation

On-site safety consultations helps you focus on what your jurisdiction needs, and connect you with available AWC Workers’ Comp Retro resources.

Compliance obligations

Understand the most common compliance issue areas and how AWC Workers’ Comp Retro can help you address these obligations.

Safety training

Our trainings help you provide a safe work environment and meet statutory requirements. See what training opportunities are available and how to register.

Hearing Conservation Program

Find out how the AWC Workers’ Comp Retro helps you meet state and federal hearing conservation requirements.

Customizable safety tools and templates

Check out our resources that help you create a safe work environment. Examples include a sample accident prevention program/safety manual, job hazard analysis, and consultation forms.

Safety resources

Our newsletter, Your Retro Resource, gives you tips and information to improve your workplace safety and understand your obligations as an employer.

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