Workers' Comp Retro Program

Reporting a claim for a fatality or serious injury

Severe injury incidents may need to be reported directly to L&I so that they may investigate the incident, its causes, and surrounding circumstances. L&I has clearly identified which accidents need to be reported to the department.

You must contact L&I within eight hours if:

  • A worker died as a result of the accident.
  • A worker was admitted for inpatient hospital care as a result of the accident.

You must contact L&I within 24 hours if the worker was not killed or admitted for inpatient treatment and:

  • A worker suffers an amputation.
  • A worker suffers a loss of an eye (enucleation).

If there is a delay between the time of the injury and when you are made aware of the incident, the reporting timeframe starts at the moment of notification.

Has your jurisdiction experienced an accident you need to report to L&I? Reporting contact information is found here.


Reporting a claim for all other injuries

For all injuries, make sure AWC Workers’ Comp Retro claims staff are aware of the injury so we can help. Alert us about your claim.



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