Workers' Comp Retro Program


We know you strive to keep employees safe, but when an accident does happen it’s important you know what to do and when to do it.

Report a claim, including claims for a fatality or serious injury

Find out how to report a claim, where to report, and when.

Use the Stay at Work Program

Find out if your employee’s claim is eligible for Stay at Work reimbursement. You could be eligible for $10,000 in reimbursements per claim. AWC Workers' Comp Retro Program members have received over $500,000 each year.

Access RiskConsole to view and manage claims

RiskConsole is a 24/7 online claims management system for all your workers’ compensation claims. Use it to report or review claims, and get OSHA reporting information.

We assist you with your Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals (BIIA) appeals and protests

You may receive notice of an appeal that has been filed with BIIA. AWC has received the copy too. We’ll provide notice of appearance before the board.

Roles and responsibilities through the claims process

The employee, employer, medical provider, AWC Workers' Comp Retro Program and L&I all play an important role when an employee is injured. Find out who does what.

Claims corner

Our newsletter, Your Retro Resource, gives you tips and information on the most common claims topics and general information about how to understand the world of claims.



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