Workers' Comp Retro Program

About the AWC Workers’ Comp Retro Program

The AWC Workers’ Comp Retro Program is comprised of the Retro Pool, a voluntary financial incentive program that helps employers reduce their industrial insurance costs through improved claims experience and refunds, and the Safety Alliance, our service-only program.

How does the Retro Pool work?

Through legislation enacted in 1984, the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries began allowing groups such as local government employers to pool their L&I premiums and claim costs. In 2004, the AWC Workers' Comp Retro Program was formed based on requests by municipal employers for this service. Employers enrolled in our Retro Pool receive refunds or are assessed additional premiums based on the group’s performance.

Safety Alliance

The Safety Alliance is our service-only program. As AWC Workers' Comp Retro Program members, Safety Alliance jurisdictions receive all the program benefits, but do not share in the pool’s exposure to risk and reward. The Safety Alliance gives jurisdictions the opportunity to access professional claims management and loss prevention services without electing to share in the risk/reward of the pool.

It’s all about service

Our program helps cities, towns, and other local governments implement a comprehensive, effective employee safety program. We provide loss control services to prevent workplace injuries, reduce the frequency and severity of workplace injuries and claims management services in order to bring employees safely back to work. Our Retro Safety Academy, safety consultation services, and other safety and compliance services, are available to members of the program at no cost.

Our services include:

  • Management of L&I claims.
  • On-site loss prevention consultation.
  • Assistance with safety programs and incident review.
  • Online access to all materials relating to your individual jurisdiction’s L&I claims.
  • Free regional trainings and Retro Safety Coordinator Program.
  • Management of Return to Work or light duty programs.
  • Potential program refund management and distribution.
  • Reimbursements for your jurisdiction’s hearing tests.

Our mission

Our mission is every employee, home safe, every night.


Our vision is:

  • We are the premier workers’ compensation program in the State of Washington.
  • We achieve the highest standards for comprehensive employee safety programs.
  • We provide financial stability and exceptional stewardship of public resources.
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