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folder-icon-75 Claims and pre-litigation

RMSA in-house, claims professionals help you understand what’s covered and what’s not. We work with you through the claims process to ensure your coverage is working for you.


Pre-litigation service: Call claims staff before taking action

We use specialized, independent attorneys to help our members avoid the financial and emotional costs of litigation. Examples of issues we can assist with are:

  • Pre-termination review
  • Harassment complaints and response
  • Land use
  • And more…


How and when to submit a claim

Complete the necessary form below, and submit it to RMSAclaims@awcnet.org with supporting documentation such as photos, police report, or inspection log.


Claims forms

Incident report– To be completed by member

Report damages to your property and/or vehicle. Police and/or fire reports are required for all theft, vandalism, fire/arson, and vehicle accident claims. Attach supporting materials such as police reports, photos or details of any kind.

Standard tort claim form – Non-member reporting

Provide claimant information for general liability. Information on this form is required by RCW 4.96.020. See examples on how to correctly complete this form.


24-hour claims hotline

If you experience a claim outside of normal business hours (8 am – 5 pm), you can contact claims staff after hours by calling 360.753.3326.


MemberStandardsMember standards

Our Member Standards provide consistent administrative practices for members, reducing property and liability losses. Adherence to the Member Standards impacts your deductible.

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