Employee Benefit Trust

All about adding, dropping, changing and transitioning coverage

Open enrollment | Changing coverage outside of open enrollment | Dependent verification | Participation requirements (who can be covered) | COBRA | Retiree transitions | LEOFF 1 changes


See which employees can be covered on Trust health plans.


Find out who qualifies as a dependent.

Dependent verification

Employees must submit dependent verification documentation for continued dependent enrollment.

Forms to add and drop coverage

All changes to coverage require the employee to complete an AWC Combined Insurance Enrollment Form. See dependent criteria for timelines on adding new dependents. Switching of carriers may happen during open enrollment.

Open enrollment

Open enrollment changes are effective January 1. Find out more about open enrollment.


Eligible retirees have access to medical coverage, including Health Central and health promotion resources. In many cases they also have access to retiree dental coverage. With several medical and dental plan options, it’s a great benefit of membership.


The Trust contracts for COBRA benefit administration, including notification/enrollment tracking and billing those who elect COBRA coverage.


LEOFF 1 employees and LEOFF 1 retirees have access to robust health coverage that protects employers from most large out of pocket claim costs.

Elected officials

Special eligibility criteria for elected official benefits coverage.

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