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Our staff is here to answer your questions. We provide claims support and translate complicated insurance communications into concepts you understand.

Coverage and changes

Employees | Dependents | Dependent verification | Adding & dropping coverage | Open enrollment | Retirees | COBRA | LEOFF 1’s


Affordable Care Act | PCORI fees | Federally required mailings including COBRA Notification of Rights | CHIP notification | Creditable coverage letters | HIPAA notification | Open enrollment mailing | New to benefits letter


Employee enrollment and changes | Employer agreements/forms | Long term disability | Life insurance | COBRA

Financial and billing

Online Billing | GASB reporting | Notes to financial statement | Rates | Tax-favored accounts

Participation criteria

Dependents | Elected officials | LEOFF 1’s | Medical, dental, vision, life and LTD requirements | Open enrollment | Employer contribution requirements

Health promotion

WellCity Award | Campaigns | Training | Program planning | Resources for employees


Benefits | Health promotion | Employee trainings | Healthy Worksite Summit | Member Expo


For Your Health | Wellness Newsletter | Looking Forward





Contact us

Heidi Buswell
Employee Benefits Specialist – Technical assistance, plan changes.

Tanya Campbell
Employee Benefits Specialist – Eligibility, enrollment, and reconciliations.

Bobbi Fox
Benefits Coordinator – Coordinates field work & the Trust's education program, gives benefit presentations, and helps with benefit administration.

Laurell Kaiser
Health Promotion Coordinator – Member education, networking forums, wellness campaigns.

Beverly Lakey
Program Manager
Manages all aspects of benefits and health promotion in the Trust.

Darla Mansfield
Employee Benefits Supervisor – Supervises benefits staff, administers benefit programs, onsite education/presentations.

Julie McDowell
Health Promotion Supervisor – Supervises wellness staff, administers health promotion programs, onsite education/ presentations.

Shilah Miller
Employee Benefits Representative – Customer service and technical assistance.

Health Promotion Coordinator – Health screenings, questionnaire, coaching programs.

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