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Published on Jul 07, 2020

AWC Trust medical coverage for COVID-19

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The Trust is closely monitoring state and federal coverage guidelines related to COVID-19, and continues to work closely with our insurance carriers, making sure we are staying in touch with service trends in order to best meet and respond to our member's needs. Below is information on COVID-19 treatment coverage. We know the burden that unexpected medical costs can bring. We feel it is important to reduce the financial impact to our affected employees and their family members, so they can focus on their physical and mental well-being.

The AWC Trust has made the executive decision to cover the treatment for COVID-19 with no cost share to the member through December 31, 2020. (Note, all plans cover screening and testing at no member cost, however treatment would typically be considered as any other medical illness, covered according to the parameters of the plan.)

The parameters of coverage for treatment of COVID-19 are:

  • Waive all cost sharing (deductible, copay, coinsurance) for COVID-19 treatment, through December 31, 2020. This includes treatment at an office visit, emergency room, urgent care, hospital, telehealth, virtual care or other facilities that may be necessary in light of safety or capacity concerns.
  • Under Regence/Asuris, there is also no cost sharing for medications related to an ER or inpatient stay. When seeing an out-of-network provider, allowed amounts will be paid and balance billing may occur.
  • Under Kaiser HMO plans, out-of-network coverage for testing and the related provider visit for COVID-19 may be covered if the provider network is insufficient.
  • Under Kaiser PPO plan, when seeing an out-of-network provider, benefits will be paid at the in-network benefit level.

The Trust is pleased to be able to quickly act in making the decision to cover treatment for COVID-19 with no member costs throughout the remainder of 2020.

Sample policies and templates

As municipalities move forward in these unprecedented times, employers have had to make hard decisions about furloughs and/or layoffs. Many employers wish to continue health insurance for these employees.

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