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Published on Oct 02, 2018

WellCity Standards change

Contact: Julie McDowell

The Board of Trustees made a mid-year modification to WellCity Standard 8.4 for 2019, which also includes a planned revision for 2020 and 2021. The change to the 2019 standard impacts the requirement for your 2018 wellness program.

Standard 8.4 is designed to ensure a minimum level of wellness program engagement is achieved by all award winners. The current 2019 standard requires a minimum of 50% of employees and spouses with AWC Trust medical insurance earn the AWC Wellness Reward in 2018. The Wellness Reward is earned when a Health Central user accumulates 100 points by participating in various programs. Since the new Health Central platform launched on the Jiff app in June 2017, all members were asked to set up a new Health Central account. While Health Central enrollment continues to grow, it has proven to be a slower process than anticipated for many Trust members.

In light of this, the Board of Trustees has changed the requirement to allow for a multiple-year approach to achieving the 50% requirement. WellCity Standard 8.4 has been changed as follows:

  • 2019 WellCity Standard 8.4 (2018 wellness program) – A minimum of 25% of employees and spouses with AWC Trust medical insurance demonstrated health engagement by earning the AWC Wellness Reward.
  • The requirement will be raised to 35% for the 2020 WellCity Standard and 50% for the 2021 WellCity Standard.
  • The eWellCity system has been updated to reflect the change to the requirement.

Mini-grants doubled for 50% Wellness Rewards

To recognize the efforts of members that reach the 50% mark in 2018, the mini-grant amount will be doubled in 2018.

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