Employee Benefit Trust

Employee Benefits Advisory Committee (EBAC)

Committee members are involved in the administration of their employee benefit and wellness programs, and are directly involved in reviewing and recommending improvements and changes to the Trust programs. Find your EBAC district. More information on EBAC requirements, nomination, and election process is located below the EBAC roster.

Chair & District 14
Emily Schuh

Administrative Services Director, Anacortes

Vice Chair & District 5
Jennifer Gorsuch

Administrative Services Director, Camas

District 1
Holly Pannell

City Clerk/Human Resources Manager, Colville

District 2
Karen Sires

Human Resource Manager, Pullman

District 3
Dale Cantrell

Information Systems Director, Wenatchee

District 4
Debbie Zabell, CMC

Finance/Human Resources Director, Toppenish

District 6
Kelsey Geddes

Community Engagement Manager, Fife

District 7
Mathew Pruitt

Human Resource Director, Bothell

District 8
Julie Good

Interim Human Resources Director and Risk Manager, Lake Stevens

District 12
Dee Roberts

City Clerk/Treasurer, South Bend

District 13
Regan Bolli

City Manager, Covington

At-large statewide position 1
Jeanette Cefalo

Human Resources Director, Washougal

At-large statewide position 2
RJ Stevenson

Finance Director, Liberty Lake

At-large Eastern position 3

Nabiel Shawa
City Manager, Walla Walla

At-large Western position 4
Jenna Richardson

Human Resources Manager, Bonney Lake

At-large noncity entity position 5
Greg Griffin

Administrative Services Manager,
Spokane Regional Transportation Council


Elections and nominations

EBAC includes 16 members, one from each AWC Board District, 1–8, 12–14, two at-large statewide positions, one western position, one eastern position, and one at-large noncity position. Trust members who purchase core medical benefits serve on the committee.

Committee members go through a nomination and election process and serve 3-year terms. Nominations & elections occur annually starting in May. Terms begin July 1.

What is the EBAC?

EBAC was established to provide the AWC Board of Trustees direct input regarding the programs, provisions, and operations of the AWC Trust and the Health Care Program. The Committee reviews plan provisions, rating structures, underwriting and participation guidelines, and assists in the development of new programs and plans. Each position serves a three-year term running from July 1 to June 30.

Frequency of meetings

The Committee meets approximately two to three times per year in the SeaTac area. Additionally, Trust learning and strategic planning retreats are held every two to three years.


The AWC Employee Benefit Trust pays all expenses associated with travel to and from meetings, including transportation, meals and lodging. However, the time spent away from work to attend the meetings is not reimbursed.

Nomination process

Any mayor of a city/town participating in the AWC Employee Benefit Trust may nominate a candidate for consideration for a district or at-large position (except for the at-large non-city position). The CEO or executive director (or the equivalent) of a non-city entity may nominate a candidate for consideration for the at-large non-city entity position.

Nominee requirements
EBAC candidates must be an employee from a city/town/non-city entity that participates in one of the Trust’s core medical benefit plans, including Regence BlueShield/Asuris Northwest Health, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington Options, Inc., or any other core medical benefit plan adopted by the Trustees.

The EBAC shall consist of no more than three representatives from any one District and no more than one from any one participating city or non-city entity. With the exception of the non-city entity position, non-city entities are not eligible to serve on other EBAC district or at-large positions. A candidate may only run for one position and must work in the district/region for which they are being nominated.

Should an EBAC member’s participating city/town/non-city entity cease to participate in the Trust’s core benefit plan, the term of appointment will expire at the end of the month the core benefit coverage is terminated.

Since committee members will be directly involved in reviewing and recommending improvements and changes to the AWC Employee Benefit Trust programs, candidates should have a direct role within the city/town/non-city entity involving the administration of employee benefit programs. This could entail direct involvement in the day-to-day benefits administration or a broader role such as negotiating employee benefit programs through a collective bargaining or committee process. Candidates with health promotion experience preferred.

Election process

Ballots for nominated candidates are sent via regular mail to mayors, CEO’s or executive directors of Trust participating cities/towns/non-city entities in May of each year to cast their vote.

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