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Trust-logo-icon-75About the Employee Benefit Trust

For more than four decades, we've been the premier health benefit provider for cities, towns and local government agencies in Washington. The Trust provides a broad selection of benefit insurance options and health management programs for members.

Governance by our members, for our members

Access meeting agendas and see who sits on the Board of Trustees, Employee Benefits Advisory Committee and the Trust Health Care Program Board.

Trust Governing Agreement

Download the legal document that guides the Trust. This is available to members only – please log in.

Our members

See a visual map or view a list of more than 270 cities, towns, and local government agency employers that make the Trust the largest local government pool in the state.

Our partners in health

Great partnerships bring great value to the benefits and programs we provide to our members. Check out the list of Trust partners.

Joining the Trust

Learn why the Trust is the right choice for you.

Annual Report

This annual report is for the Trust’s Health Care Program, which includes all the self-insured lines of coverage.

What makes the Trust different?

Pooling is the right choice for municipalities. Discover how the Trust is different, and why the Trust is the right choice for your healthcare needs.


Contact us

One of our strengths is the quality of our customer service. Our staff is available to answer questions you or your employees have regarding health benefits, including translating complicated insurance lingo and acronyms into concepts you understand. We also have dedicated staff to help your jurisdiction provide a world-class worksite health promotion program.

Heidi Buswell
Employee Benefits Specialist – Technical assistance, plan changes.

Tanya Campbell
Employee Benefits Specialist – Eligibility, enrollment, and reconciliations.

Bobbi Fox
Benefits Coordinator – Coordinates field work & the Trust's education program, gives benefit presentations, and helps with benefit administration.

Laurell Kaiser
Health Promotion Coordinator – Member education, networking forums, wellness campaigns.

Beverly Lakey
Program Manager
Manages all aspects of benefits and health promotion in the Trust.

Darla Mansfield
Employee Benefits Supervisor – Supervises benefits staff, administers benefit programs, onsite education/presentations.

Julie McDowell
Health Promotion Supervisor – Supervises wellness staff, administers health promotion programs, onsite education/ presentations.

Shilah Miller
Employee Benefits Representative – Customer service and technical assistance.

Health Promotion Coordinator – Health screenings, questionnaire, coaching programs.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide quality benefit programs and insurance services to Washington cities and towns in an efficient and cost-effective manner through timely information, technical assistance, member education, and advocacy.


The Trust’s goals are to

  • Maintain the Trust’s fiscal health and sustainability.
  • Manage the rate of increase in health care costs for the Trust and its members.
  • Maintain the Trust as a leader in addressing members’ benefit needs in the changing healthcare environment.
  • Increase member awareness and knowledge of the Trust’s scope and effectiveness.
  • Utilize innovations and technology in plan design and education efforts
  • Increase participation in total health management.
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