Drug & Alcohol Consortium

How the D&A Consortium works

Enrollment in the D&A Consortium allows members to participate in the random testing pool and access additional testing services required by the regulations. These services are provided at the same discounted price that the D&A Consortium is charged. Computer software randomly generates test subject names from the entire pool of D&A Consortium members.


Collection sites

The drug and alcohol testing is done at pre-arranged collection sites near each member's location or will be performed on-site if a collection location is not available within a reasonable distance. All of the collection site technicians and the laboratory used to analyze the drug tests meet the requirements established by federal rules.


Test results

Members receive the results of drug and alcohol tests directly from the Medical Review Officer (MRO) through A WorkSAFE Service, Inc. (for drug tests) or the collection site (for alcohol tests). Quarterly and annual reports of all drug and alcohol testing activity for each member are generated by A WorkSAFE Service, Inc. and provided to each member.


Included in membership

  • Sample drug and alcohol policy
  • Sample drug and alcohol procedures
  • Information on the effects, signs and symptoms of alcohol and controlled substance use
  • Access to discounted on-site
  • Drug and Alcohol Supervisor training
  • Access to substance abuse professional (SAP) services
  • Access to a network of drug/alcohol collection testing sites
  • Services of a Medical Review Officer (MRO)
  • Computer generated random testing selection and notification services
  • Federal reporting and recordkeeping
  • Regulatory updates
  • Limited legal assistance for difficult testing issues
  • DOT audit assistance
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