Published on Jan 23, 2020

Municipal CETA working group

Contact: Logan Bahr, Maggie Carol

What is CETA?

The Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA) commits Washington to an electricity supply that’s free of greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. Clean electricity will allow the state to replace fossil fuels in other end uses (especially transportation) and achieve its long-term climate goals.


CETA timeline

  • By 2025: All electric utilities in Washington must fully eliminate coal-fired resources from their allocation of electricity.
  • By 2030: Each electric utility must make all retail sales of electricity to Washington customers greenhouse gas neutral.
  • By 2045: Each electric utility must use non-emitting electric generation and electricity from renewable resources.


How does CETA affect cities?

Many cities own and operate their own electric utilities (such as the cities of Ellensburg, Port Angeles, and Richland). CETA will affect the way city-owned electric utilities produce their electricity. In addition, CETA will impact utilities’ rate setting and financial obligations for low-income users. There are several deadlines utilities must meet to comply with CETA and are subject to large penalties if they are out of compliance.


How can I participate in CETA rulemaking and implementation process?

AWC has assembled a working group of municipally owned electric utilities to field concerns and feedback regarding CETA rulemaking and implementation. AWC’s working group is a way for cities to participate in the implementation process, engage with various agencies related to CETA, and gather additional resources to address city concerns. To be added to the working group and email listserv, please contact Logan or Maggie to be added to the group.


How can I learn more about CETA?

To learn more about the CETA rulemaking process, review the rulemaking and legislative resources below or view AWC’s Introduction to CETA webinar recording.


Rulemaking resources

Department of Commerce

Other agencies involved with rulemaking

Legislative resources

  • Public works
  • Data & Resources
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