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  • Fundamentals of municipal budget cycles

    Certificate of Municipal Leadership programThis webinar explores how to master the basics of budgeting for a newly elected official and for staff who support newly elected officials.
    (CML: Public sector resource management, 1 credit)

  • LOCAL Program webinar on financing options for local governments

    Certificate of Municipal Leadership programLearn what can be financed through the LOCAL Program and how it can be accomplished with the state’s low interest rate. Discover how, including property acquisition and new facility construction.
    (CML: Public sector resource management, 1 credit)

  • Prepare to streamline your business license

    Certificate of Municipal Leadership programFind out what the city task force on the model business license threshold developed for cities with a business license in order to implement changes required by legislation passed in 2017 (EHB 2005).
    (CML: Public sector resource management; 1 credit)

  • Finance 101 for elected officials

    Certificate of Municipal Leadership programA city's budget is one of it's most important documents. Hear about your responsibilities as an elected official as you tackle city finance.
    (CML: Public sector resource management; 1 credit)

  • Budgeting basics

    Certificate of Municipal Leadership programAWC's 10-part online Budgeting Basics series breaks down the various elements of budgeting. Redmond's Finance Director Mike Bailey shares his approach to budgeting and provides guidance and advice for all elements of the budget process.
    (CML: Public sector resource management; 1 credit)

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