Get a sneak peek at some of the sessions coming to Annual Conference

Future of growth management
Provide input regarding the growth management review effort and hear what other communities are saying.

Professional city management: When is it right for your community?
Hear a panel discuss experiences implementing professional city management. Discover what factors are important to consider when determining if professional city management is right for your community, and the potential impacts on city operations, leadership roles, and relationships.

21st century policing
Understand the main principles of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing and techniques for implementation.

City county partnerships: Lessons from a failed jail
Learn how to create a framework for inter-departmental and inter-jurisdictional success.

Banding together for broadband
Discover how – in an era where 39% of rural Americans lack sufficient broadband and are being left behind – Washington State is helping folks overcome barriers.

Fish passage
Learn about the statewide strategic approach to fixing fish blocking culverts and how cities fit in.

Ten traits of effective councilmembers
Examine the ten essential traits and practices of effective city council leadership. Shift council service from feeling like “simply an office” to feeling like a genuine calling.

Finding fiscal balance: Right sizing your city’s role
Explore the alignment of residents' demand for services, existing revenues, and future willingness to pay.

Write, speak, and meet like a pro
Boost your everyday communication skills and express yourself confidently in person, in writing, and in meetings with citizens, committees and commissions, your staff, and neighborhood groups.

The mayor can’t do that, can she?
Dive into candid discussion of roles and responsibilities. Discover historic roots and current structure of the executive and legislative branches of Washington city government.

Leading meetings wisely using emotional intelligence and Parliamentary Procedure
Determine the barriers to good meetings and how you can achieve wisdom in your decision-making.

Solving common barriers to reduce homelessness
Learn innovative approaches Washington cities are using to address siting issues, low barrier access, and modular housing options.

Community Based Housing Solutions
Come learn from Washington cites as they share their experiences and get inspired with new ideas and lessons for making your community more affordable.

What to do about empty buildings and empty lots
Shift from “what used to be” thinking to “what could be” thinking.

Innovative rural business models and rural job creation strategies
Learn ways small towns are connecting their small businesses and would-be entrepreneurs with the support and network they need to be successful and create jobs.

Creating a Compassionate Community
Learn what a Compassionate Community is, how it can benefit your city, and how to develop your own Compassionate Community initiative.

Correcting the conflict between street trees and sidewalks
Hear about an innovative, nontraditional approach saving trees, sidewalk panels, and funds.

Transform and innovate with your higher education partners
Identify opportunities for partnership with higher education institutions to help increase economic development and respond to emerging community needs.

Address gaps in the behavioral health care system
Take home concrete examples of programs that are making a positive difference in communities by addressing opportunities for improvement in the behavioral health care system.

Revolutionizing government in the 21st century
Receive a powerful combination of sound strategy and integrated tactics designed to disrupt the status quo and optimize your capabilities.

The next government workforce
Gain a better understanding of workforce impacts on the workplace and how to transition from the workforce you have to the workforce you need.

New public records reporting requirements
Familiarize yourself with the reporting requirements under RCW 40.14.026(5), how data should be submitted, and how to find help.

Unreinforced masonry buildings throughout Washington
Hear what one city is trying to do to mitigate the risk posed by unreinforced masonry and what you can do to help protect your own community’s treasured buildings.

Preparing to streamline your business license
Learn about the implementation of changes required by legislation passed in 2017 (EHB 2005).

The Washington Voting Rights Act: A new area of opportunity and risk management
Find out how cities can navigate the legal and practical challenges and opportunities under this new law.

Roles of elected officials in hiring/firing
Recognize the complexities of an elected official’s role in hiring and firing within the public sector.

CERB programs 101
Learn how the Community Economic Revitalization Board finances public infrastructure improvements that encourage new private business development and expansion.

Get answers to practical questions on compliance with legal and financial doctrines.

A cohesive leadership team: Essential to municipal government health
Explore the characteristics of a healthy city government, the importance of developing a cohesive leadership team, and techniques for making both a reality.

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