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CML-icon-75 Certificate of Municipal Leadership

AWC’s Certificate of Municipal Leadership (CML) program recognizes mayors and councilmembers for accomplishing training in four core areas. In order to earn the certificate, municipal leaders must meet requirements in the following competencies, and achieve 30 credits:

  • Effective local leadership
  • Community planning and development
  • Public sector resource management
  • Roles, responsibilities and legal requirements

We have made tracking your credits easy! Upon check in for Annual Conference, attendees automatically receive CML credits in effective local leadership as follows:

  • Wednesday only – 3 credits
  • Thursday only – 5 credits
  • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – 10 credits

Please allow up to six weeks after the conference for your record to be updated.

For more information about the program, click here. For any questions, contact Karen Tanner.

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