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July 23, 2018

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From the director section

Three statewide initiatives filed for November ballot with potential local government impacts
Three new initiative campaigns met the filing deadline with at least 260,000 signatures. All three could impact local governments – find out how. More

Business license model threshold finalized
Cities that issue business licenses must adopt the final model threshold before the end of the year. Register for our August 8 webinar about implementing the new requirements. More

Federal legislation preempting the rights of cities
The U.S. Senate Commerce Committee will hold hearings on July 25 about S. 3157, the "Streamlining The Rapid Evolution And Modernization of Leading-edge Infrastructure Necessary to Enhance (STREAMLINE) Small Cell Deployment Act." This bill introduces an unnecessary, one-size-fits-all preemption of our local efforts. More

From the director section

Summer brings opportunity to dive into legislative issues
Summer is heating up but the legislative workload doesn’t slow down. Now is the perfect time for you to connect with your legislators and congressional delegation to let them know about your budgets and more. Catch this rundown of what we’ve been working on, and ideas on how you can dive in. More

Media time section

Visualizing housing costs in Washington
AWC's Open Data Portal shows the impact of rising rents across the state.

Take action section

Understand do’s and don’ts related to campaigns and ballot measures
Both elected officials and city staff need to understand Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) guidelines and restrictions before participating in any elections activities, such as taking a position on a ballot measure or endorsing a candidate for political office. Check out these resources and common examples of activities city officials may and may not do. More

AWC candidate questionnaire yields 78 responses
The AWC 2018 legislative candidate questionnaire yielded 78 responses from candidates running for office. Check to see if your legislators filled one out. If a candidate in your district didn’t complete one, consider downloading a blank questionnaire to reference when you meet with them. More

Need to know setion

Budget & finance
B&O apportionment workgroup moving closer to recommendations with October deadline. More

Roundtable meets to discuss lodging tax issues. More

Economic development
Commerce is seeking your help to strengthen businesses in rural communities. More

Environment & natural resources
Newly-revised Critical Areas Handbook now available. A new chapter on monitoring and adaptive management includes thirteen local government case studies. More

Draft Stormwater Manuals for Eastern and Western Washington out for public comment. The Eastern Manual comment period closes on July 25. More

Ecology has released what will form the basis of their evaluation on whether to approve regional watershed plans that address impacts of well-based development. More

Homelessness & human services
AWC's Open Data Portal shows the impact of rising rents across the state. More

HR & labor relations
In June, the United States Supreme Court ruled in Janus v. AFSCME that mandatory agency fees (also called “fair share fees”) are unconstitutional. More

Phase Two Paid Family and Medical Leave rulemaking is now under way. More

Land use & planning
Commerce kicks off civilian-military compatibility planning project. More

Open government
The JLARC Public Records reporting portal has been reopened until July 27 to allow additional agencies and local governments to submit their reporting information. More

Select Committee on Pension Policy recommends rate change. More

Public safety & criminal justice
New AGO website provides comprehensive resources for human trafficking survivors. First-line responders can now instantly access information to provide critically needed services to victims. More

The Joint Transportation Committee began convening four separate task forces that will study issues that directly affect the future of city transportation polices. More

The National Dialogue on Highway Automation is holding a workshop in Seattle in early August. More

WSDOT’s Consolidated Grant Program now accepting applications. More

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