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April 22, 2019

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From the director section

Public records bill needs your support
HB 1667 failed to advance before last week’s cutoff. AWC believes the bill is likely necessary to implement the budget (NTIB) and therefore possibly exempt from last week’s deadline. City support is needed to help pass HB 1667, which aims to improve and clarify local government records reporting requirements. More

Data tool explores threatened transportation revenues
Currently, over 100 cities have formed Transportation Benefit Districts (TBDs) to fund local transportation projects. Initiative 976 would significantly impact this funding by repealing the authority for TBDs to impose fees. The initiative would also lower vehicle license fees to $30 and restrict numerous other state transportation revenue sources. I-976 is likely to go to voters during the next general election in November. Use this data tool to explore which cities have TBDs and the source of their revenue. More

Revenue bills move as budget negotiations continue
Several tax bills related to the operating budget moved out of committees last week and are in play during final budget negotiations during this last week of session. These revenue bills include changes to the Real Estate Excise Tax (REET) and B&O tax rates, as well as a potential new capital gains tax. The bills also include concerning diversions from the Public Works Trust Fund (PWTF). More

From the director section

Final week of session is here!
The Legislature is scheduled to adjourn on Sunday, April 28 and Democratic leaders are anxious to end on time. This week the Legislature will be working to finalize the budget and pass the NTIB (necessary to implement the budget) bills that remain. They will also be working on concurrence for bills that have previously passed. See what you can do to support city priorities in this final week! More

Take action section

Provide your comments on DOH’s Drug Take-Back Program rules
Stakeholders have until May 8 to comment on rules released for the new statewide Drug Take-Back Program. The Washington State Department of Health (DOH) issued a final rule that implements the program for secure collection and disposal of leftover medicines. The rulemaking is in response to a law passed by the Legislature in 2018. Comments can be submitted via DOH’s Rules Comment page. A public hearing is scheduled for May 8 at 2 pm at DOH’s Town Center 2, Room 158, located at 111 Israel Road SE, Tumwater, WA, 98501. More

Media time section

elearning-icon-75Listen to a Legislative session recap on our CityVoice podcast
Get the inside scoop from Candice Bock, Logan Bahr, Sharon Swanson and Carl Schroeder as they discuss the most interesting and unexpected happenings from the Legislative session, including popular footwear during this year’s “snowmageddon,” and what’s happening with the Legislature in the run-up to adjournment. Also, find out what you can do after session ends.

Need to know setion

Affordable housing
Voluntary site cleanup for housing bill passes Legislature. More

Self-help housing bill passes House without REET exemption. More

Budget & finance
Senate refuses to concur on changes to firefighters’ pension levy bill. More

Legislature passes marijuana convictions vacations bill. More

Economic development
House passes Governor’s broadband bill. More

Environment & natural resources
Chemical Action Plan bill passes Legislature. More

Pollinator habitat protection bill passes Legislature. More

General government
Wrongful death bill passes Legislature. More

Homelessness & human services
Opioid treatment bill passes House, headed to conference committee. More

Behavioral health community facilities bill passes House. More

Bill establishing new law enforcement grant program passes Senate. More

Trueblood bill passes House. More

HR & labor relations
Firefighter safety bill passes Legislature. More

Union dues bill passes Legislature. More

Affirmative action initiative gets joint hearing. More

Land use & planning
Parks deannexation bill passes Legislature. More

New legal framework for short-term rentals passes the Legislature. More

$300 million LEOFF 2 transfer bill advances. More

Public safety & criminal justice
Amended version of 911 local tax option bill passes House. More

Domestic violence reform bill passes Legislature. More

House amends and passes bill dealing with property in impounded vehicles. More

Firearm removal and protection orders bill passes Legislature. More

Smoke alarm bill passes House. More

Public works
House amends and passes public works bid limit bill. More

Robot delivery device bill passes Legislature. More

Motorized foot scooter bill passes Legislature. More

Bill concerning the electrification of transportation passes Legislature. More

Pavement reporting bill passes Legislature. More

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