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February 27, 2017

The Legislative Bulletin is produced weekly during the legislative session.

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Legislative Bulletin headlines and articles.

Contact your Senators on SB 5827 lodging tax bill limiting city authority
Tell your Senators immediately to oppose this further limitation of local authority to determine the use of lodging taxes for community events, tourism marketing, and tourism facilities. Give them an example of a special event or festival in your community that would be negatively impacted by this change. More

Keep priority public records bills moving
AWC’s priority public records bills, HB 1594 and HB 1595, both made it past the first cutoff date. We need you to contact your House members to make sure the bills keep moving. More

Focus on floor action until March 8 – add your voice now on key bills
From now until March 8, both chambers will be working through lists of bills that they will take to the floor for votes. This is a critical step in the process and we have prepared a list of key bills for this week that we’re hoping to advance, stop, or fix. Your contacts with legislators will help. More

Modernizing the Public Records Act
Help keep our priority public records bills alive by contacting your House members and asking them to support HB 1594 and HB 1595. Cities work hard to comply with the Public Records Act (PRA), a key component of open government. Check out this video to learn what legislators need to know. More

Thank your legislators for their hard work
During the session your legislators are in the midst of their busiest time of year. You may have lots of “asks” from them, or you may be watching them work from afar. Whatever the case may be, dropping a simple “thank you” for their hard work can go a long way! See this example from 2015 & 2016 AWC Advocacy All-Star, Jerry Cummins, Walla Walla Councilmember thanking his legislators. Great work, Councilmember Cummins!

Budget & finance
City business license and tax bills have been voted out of committees. HB 2005 moved out of committee last week, with the expectation that there will be further changes to the bill when it moves to the floor. More

Fiscal flexibility bills move out of committee. More

Environment & land use
Important water management bill moves in the Senate. More

Action on affordable housing and homelessness bills is still expected in both chambers. More

Public Works Trust Fund bills likely to move in the House, but not right away. Keep talking to your legislators. More

Public safety & criminal justice
Bill would establish blue ribbon panel on cybersecurity to make recommendations to the Legislature. Panel would include representation from cities and address issues related to protection of local infrastructure. More

AWC continues to work on a workgroup tackling traffic-based financial obligations (DWLS III) that unfairly and negatively impact drivers. More

A bill that would limit cities’ ability to use automated license plate readers moved out of committee. More

AWC proposes alternative to sweeping preemption bill. Alternative gives cities a year to establish a permitting system for small cell facilities in public rights of way. More

Local pavement condition reporting bill moves out of committee with amendment. WSDOT would examine need for future reporting. More

Bill that would establish statewide regulation of transportation network companies moves out of Senate committee. More

Bill that would increase allowable grant amounts for public use airport projects passes House. More


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