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February 20, 2017

The Legislative Bulletin is produced weekly during the legislative session.

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Legislative Bulletin headlines and articles.

AWC priority public records bills advance. More

Business license and tax bills heard and SSB 5777 moves out of committee. More

Check out our hot sheet! This includes the most significant bills we support and oppose, and those we are monitoring. More

What 350+ city officials heard in Olympia
More than 350 officials from 114 cities and towns heard some promising and not so promising news during City Action Days. Find out what the Governor and legislators shared in their conversations with attendees. More

Participate in Town Hall Meetings
The following Town Hall meetings are scheduled:
February 22: 28th District
February 23: 7th District
March 11: 2017 House Democratic Caucus Town Halls

Understand the life of a bill and cut-off dates
Cut-off for policy bills to move from committee in the house of origin was Friday, February 17. Cut-off for fiscal bills is this Friday. Watch this video to understand the steps required for a bill to become law.

Check out City Action Days photos on Flickr!

Budget & finance
Property tax bills changing the levy limit heard this week. More

Fiscal flexibility bills scheduled for hearing. More

Proposal to restore city liquor revenue moves out of committee. More

Bill changing lodging tax authority introduced. More

General government
Competing bills on emergency notices in multiple languages move forward. More

Two housing and homelessness priority bills pass first committee. The first increases fee that generates revenue to address homelessness, the second creates local option tools for affordable housing. More

House committee considers proposals for local infrastructure funding. More work ahead to look at various proposals and identify a path forward. More

Bill that would change claims process on construction contracts still alive in the Senate. Amended version is still problematic for cities. More

Bill crafted to increase cities’ share of marijuana excise taxes. More

Open government
Bill that requires collective bargaining sessions to be open is amended to become less intrusive. More

Bill moves forward on classifying PTSD as occupational disease for police and fire personnel. More

Public safety & criminal justice
Deadly force bill moves forward with amendments. More


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