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February 6, 2017

The Legislative Bulletin is produced weekly during the legislative session.

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Legislative Bulletin headlines and articles.

AWC public records priority bills set for hearing. More

House committee to hear bill linking property tax increases to inflation and population growth. More

Budget debate will reveal fate of city shared revenues
Education funding bills start to frame the budget debate, which will reveal the fate of city shared revenues and key programs. While House and Senate approaches differ, the good news is it is evident all sides are serious about finding a solution. More

Cities 101: Property tax
Property tax is the largest revenue source for cities in Washington State and comprises nearly 25 percent of all city revenue. Share this video on your social media networks and remind #WAleg that this revenue supports critical #WAcities services, including police officers, firefighters, streets, sidewalks, and parks! More

Affordable housing bill needs show of support
AWC priority bill to provide local options for affordable housing gets hearing. It is unlikely that any of these tools will pass without an outpouring of support from local communities. If you support these concepts or the need to provide more tools, talk to your legislators! More

Budget & finance
Ask your legislator to support proposal to restore city and county liquor revenue. More

Environment & land use
Bill would allow for manufactured housing communities outside of urban growth areas. More

Bill gives new authority to Boundary Review Boards to direct parties to work out their differences on annexations. More

Hearings to be held on numerous proposals aimed at addressing water management challenges resulting from recent state Supreme Court decisions. More

The Trump Administration is following through on campaign promises to construct a new initiative to address the well-recognized need for a significant new federal investment in our nation’s infrastructure. More

General government
Bills would require cities to provide emergency notices in languages other than English. More

Problematic bill would require cities to send 20 percent of the proceeds from a property sale to the state to be deposited into Housing Trust Fund. More

Bill would prevent landlords from refusing to rent to a tenant based on their source of income. More

Human services
A major proposal on homelessness would pre-empt cities on homeless encampments amongst many other policy changes. See the detailed summary. More

New bill restricts city authority to regulate homeless camps operated by religious institutions. More

Surcharge proposed to bolster against shortfalls in Model Toxics Control Accounts that fund stormwater assistance and toxic clean-ups. More

Lots of opposition expressed in hearing for bill aimed at claims process in construction contracts. More

Bills would require prime contractors to bond the subcontractors’ portion of retainage potentially entangling cities in the process. More

Update on marijuana bills of interest. More

House and Senate committees consider expansion of presumptive disease for police and fire personnel. More

Bill would require public employee collective bargaining sessions to be open, public meetings. More

Bill would allow employees over 60 the option of opting out of retirement system membership. More

Public safety & criminal justice
Bills that change deadly force laws get hearings in House and Senate. More

Sweeping pre-emption of city authority included in small cell deployment bills. More

Bill would shift to the state all regulation and licensing of ride-share companies. Cities would get some revenue from a passenger surcharge. More


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