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January 16, 2017

The Legislative Bulletin is produced weekly during the legislative session.

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Legislative Bulletin headlines and articles.

Senate Committee holds second work session on rollout of small cell networks and 5G technology
Committee chair expresses intent to introduce legislation that could pre-empt current city authority over regulation of these wireless telecommunication facilities. More

Packed house for the Mayors Exchange
More than 90 mayors and city officials will gather on the Capitol Campus this Wednesday for an engaging daylong session to network and interact with invited legislators and partners on important city issues. To access the agenda and see who’s coming (under “Carpooling”) click here.

Seven principles guide our work as we represent your state budget interests
Read AWC’s updated budget principles that guide our work as we advocate for cities and towns throughout the legislative session. We encourage you to also use these points when communicating with your own legislators. More

Use your new Strong Cities Pocket Guide
This legislative session will be lengthy and difficult. We all must work together to help legislators and the Governor recognize and embrace that the state’s success and cities’ and towns’ success are linked. We’ve updated our pocket guide for the legislative session to bring you tips and tools to communicate with legislators, media, and your constituents to achieve positive outcomes for cities and towns. Access the pocket guide online or contact Regina Adams to have one mailed.

Get tips on how to use the Legislature’s website for bill information
The Legislature has made some significant improvements to the bill information pages. When you read an article in our Legislative Bulletin, we link bills to this page so you can get more in-depth information. More

Cities 101 – Population growth
Washington's population is booming, and much of that growth is happening in cities. Watch this video to learn how many people are expected to move to Washington and what it means for cities as they budget, plan, and prepare for the growth. Share this video on your social media networks and remind #WAleg that 2/3 of the state’s population already live in #WAcities! More

Budget & finance
Proposal to restore city liquor revenue introduced with 60 percent of new revenue dedicated to public safety. More

AWC testifies that Governor’s proposed state budget is a mixed bag for city priorities. More

Environment & land use
Once again, a bill aimed at restricting the use of eminent domain is introduced. Cities need to express their concern to legislators. More

Bill aims to reduce overlap between SEPA and other state and local laws. More

The UTC’s Dig Law clean-up bill gets hearing. More substantive Dig Law changes could be coming next year after input from a stakeholder-working group. More

Bill requires cities without bans to issue local marijuana licenses. More

Proposal to fund and implement paid family and medical leave will be heard in House committee this week. More

Public safety & criminal justice
Civil asset forfeiture comes under scrutiny by House and Senate committees during first week of session. More

Bill would increase maximum grant amounts for public-use airports from $250,000 to $750,000. More

Is your city eligible for Volkswagen settlement funds? The Governor proposed that some of Washington’s share of the settlement be spent on “projects for the acquisition, installation, operation, and maintenance of new light duty zero emission vehicle supply equipment and infrastructure.” More


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