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  • Cityvision September/October 2019

    Pointing the way: Where growth and sustainability intersect

  • Cityvision January/February 2019

    Path finders: Mobility choices that drive cities forward

  • Take a fresh look at land use planning

    Use these resources and consider these questions when updating your local land use policies.

  • GMA comp plan conversation starters

    Certificate of Municipal Leadership programThis Growth Management Act "starter package" features a series of 12 videos covering planning and land use roles and responsibilities, budget, economic development, community engagement and more.
    (CML: Community planning and development; 1 credit)

  • Cityvision March/April 2018

    Page turners: Cities plot development for their unique growth stories

  • Low impact development

    This video series helps local governments with the code review and update process for managing stormwater, explaining what low impact development (LID) is and how these stormwater permit requirements present both new opportunities and challenges for local governments.

  • Guidelines for city streets as part of state highways

    AWC and the Washington State Department of Transportation provide guidelines on the interpretation of RCW 47.24 and the construction, operations and maintenance responsibilities of WSDOT when a city street is part of a state highway.

  • Cityvision September/October 2017

    Green makers: Taking action for a sustainable future

  • New broadband infrastructure is coming. Is your city ready?

    In the next few years, the broadband industry will be investing billions of dollars to meet the growing demand for faster speed internet, in both the wired and wireless space.

  • Short Course on Local Planning

    Certificate of Municipal Leadership programThe Short Course on Planning is the pre-eminent training course on land use for planning commissioners and elected officials in Washington. Access this training through a series of ten short videos.
    (CML: Community planning and development; 3 credits)

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