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  • Cityvision March/April 2019

    All hands on tech: Cities confront the promise and perils of innovation

  • Municipal rates and fees

    Dive into a dataset of municipal taxes, fees and utility rates, which facilitates benchmarking, and members’ budget and policy making decisions.

  • City B&O tax rates and business licenses

    Gather resources on city B&O tax rates and license information, the city B&O tax model ordinance, and background on apportionment.

  • Our 281 cities and towns

    AWC membership is voluntary. However, we consistently maintain 100% participation from Washington's 281 cities and towns. Check out our membership.

  • Washington City & County Employee Salary & Benefits Survey

    Research city and county salary and benefit information, which facilitates benchmarking, and members’ budget and policy making decisions.

  • Homelessness and other challenges on our streets - Data story

    Here in Washington, an unprecedented number of people are living on the streets. Homelessness is growing sharply, spurred on by lack of affordable housing, the opioid crisis, and a poorly-funded mental health and substance abuse system.

  • Your city snapshot

    Your city snapshot uses U.S. Census data to profile your city's economic condition, demographic breakdown, housing stock, and more.

  • Open Data Portal

    Research and data for fact-based decision making. Data is presented in tabular, map and graphic formats on timely topics ranging from city election results to utility rate trends to recreational marijuana revenues.

  • CPI data

    After monthly updates are released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, AWC posts CPI data.

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