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  • Cityvision July/August 2018

    Starting rotation: Cities adapt to changes in the job market & labor force

  • 10 traits of effective leadership

    Want a fresh perspective? Read these 10 traits of effective local leadership.

  • Community planning and development 101 for elected officials

    Certificate of Municipal Leadership programLand use planning is one of the most important aspects of a city official’s responsibilities because of the long-term impacts it can have on a community’s environment, economic vitality and the physical health of its residents.
    (CML: Community planning and development; 1 credit)

  • Department of Justice marijuana memo

    The DOJ’s guidance to federal prosecutors concerning marijuana enforcement after Washington and Colorado became the first states in the union to legalize recreational marijuana.

  • GMA comp plan conversation starters

    Certificate of Municipal Leadership programThis Growth Management Act "starter package" features a series of 12 videos covering planning and land use roles and responsibilities, budget, economic development, community engagement and more.
    (CML: Community planning and development; 1 credit)

  • Tips for employers post-Janus v. AFSCME

    Certificate of Municipal Leadership programThe U.S. Supreme Court decision in Janus v. AFSCME could mean significant changes to how public sector unions operate. This webinar recording is an overview of the decision and explores how it will impact unions and employers.
    (CML: Roles, responsibilities, and legal requirements; 1 credit)

  • Cityvision May/June 2018

    Bridging the gap: When communities come together, cities thrive

  • New tools to address zombie homes webinar recording

    Certificate of Municipal Leadership programAbandoned homes (also known as zombie homes) have a number of negative implications for cities including crime, public safety issues, lower property values, lack of community cohesion, and lower tax revenue – to name a few.
    (CML: Community planning and development; 1 credit)

  • Finance 101 for elected officials

    Certificate of Municipal Leadership programA city's budget is one of it's most important documents. Hear about your responsibilities as an elected official as you tackle city finance.
    (CML: Public sector resource management; 1 credit)

  • AWC Voting Rights Act resources

    Learn how the Voting Rights Act impacts your city.

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