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Published on Jun 25, 2020

PDC guidelines on lobbying activity

Contact: Candice Bock

Cities that lobby may need to report to the PDC

Cities and towns that conduct lobbying activities either through a contract lobbyist or directly with in-house staff or city council members may need to report to the Public Disclosure Commission. Those that hire a contract lobbyist must file a report. If you have in-house staff or elected officials who spend more than four days a quarter directly lobbying the legislature, you may need to complete a report. For more information on reporting requirements and how to file a report visit the PDC’ website or review the PDC’s Public Agency Lobbying guide. Cities and towns that fail to comply with reporting requirements on lobbying activities may be subject to penalties from the PDC.

Guidelines for elected and appointed officials' participation in elections activity

Guidelines for city officials who routinely engage with legislators or communicate with constituents about legislative matters

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