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Published on Jun 17, 2019

AWC's legislative City Champion Award

Contact: Candice Bock

CityChampionAwardAWC’s City Champion Awards acknowledge the hard work and dedication of legislators and others who championed critical city issues during the legislative session.

Congratulations 2019 City Champions!

City Champion Award winners supported affordable housing, local funding and local decision-making

As the new Chair of the House Local Government Committee, Representative Gerry Pollet (D–Seattle) quickly took on a leadership role for city issues in the House. Representative Pollet spearheaded an effort among House members to support the principles of local decision-making, options, and flexibility. He was a critical voice in recognizing the efforts cities have already taken to address housing issues, and the need for tools and incentives instead of micromanagement.

Representative Keith Goehner (R–Dryden), a new member of the House, quickly stepped up to serve as his caucus’ point person for the Local Government Caucus, a bi-partisan group of House members who support city issues. With a background as a county commissioner, Rep. Goehner was an important voice for the needs of local government and a strong advocate for local decision-making authority and local funding.

Senator David Frockt (D–Seattle) was a key leader on several proposals that were critical to the success cities had in the 2019 session. He played a key role in building Senate support for new funding for affordable housing and was a prime sponsor of legislation providing dedicated stormwater funding to local governments. Sen. Frockt was also a key supporter of funding for local culvert corrections and infrastructure.

City Champion Senator Hans Zeiger (R–Puyallup) was perhaps the most vocal proponent of local decision-making this session. He advocated strongly for local flexibility and incentives for housing issues. AWC appreciates his willingness to expand his traditional areas of interest, including supporting new fee revenue for cities to address affordability and new protections for tenants.

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