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Published on Jun 17, 2019

Advocacy All-Star Awards

Contact: Candice Bock

AdvocacyAllAwardsBlankCongratulations 2019 Advocacy All-Star Award winners!

AWC’s Advocacy All-Star Awards recognize and celebrate the actions of city officials and others who advocate for all 281 cities and towns. The award winners conducted advocacy efforts throughout the 2018 interim and 2019 legislative session.

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We extend our thanks and congratulations to the following award winners.

Advocacy All-Star Award winners lead the way in affordable housing, homelessness, and public safety

Mayor Mike Cooney of Chelan came across the mountains several times to advocate for funding and tools to address affordable housing challenges. His common-sense delivery made the Legislature sit up and listen. His advocacy extended to testifying on multiple bills, including proposals to create new tools for smaller cities to incentivize affordable housing construction.

With short notice, Mayor Cheryl Selby of Olympia stepped up to present to the House Civil Rights and Judiciary Committee on the difficult subject of protecting the civil rights of homeless individuals while addressing the impacts of homelessness on the community. Her willingness to step into the crosshairs on this emotional issue helped provide balance and context where some had tried to paint cities as bad actors.

Jay Arnold, Deputy Mayor of Kirkland was a fixture in Olympia in the 2019 session, helping legislators understand how new resources and tools could be used by cities to be positive partners in addressing housing and homelessness. He led Kirkland’s efforts to provide enhanced flexibility and authority for cities to use existing tax resources to address contemporary problems.

Police Chief Mike Zaro of Lakewood responded swiftly to AWC’s need for help in providing testimony on the use of automated traffic cameras. Chief Zaro provided measured and insightful testimony, ensuring that legislators heard directly about the cameras’ tangible public safety benefits.

The Association of Washington City Planning Directors receives an Advocacy All-Star Award for its members’ consistent work reviewing and commenting on dozens of drafts of complicated bills that attempted to micromanage local land use decisions around affordable housing. With concrete examples on what would and would not work for cities, the planning directors helped avoid unfunded mandates and local preemption, while supporting the creation of voluntary and incentive-based approaches to addressing housing supply.

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