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Published on Mar 19, 2019

So you want to be an elected official...

Contact: Tonia Sugarman, Karen Tanner

Interested in running for office in Washington’s cities or towns?

ElectedofficialsPamphletLargeRead AWC’s pamphlet So you want to be an elected official… Practical information for people running for office in Washington’s cities and towns.

Cities can also print the pamphlet to make available at city hall or post it to their website. It provides general information about how to work as part of a team, what cities do, roles and responsibilities, and where to go to find more information. Give this pamphlet out to potential candidates for city elected office.

Tips for the 2019 election cycle

Looking for important dates and information to give to prospective candidates? Access this one-pager to find helpful pointers on where and how to file, along with filing deadlines for 2019.

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