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Published on Aug 16, 2016

A look inside the State’s new business licensing service

Contact: Sheila Gall

Nearly 70 cities partner with the Washington State Department of Revenue to issue state and local business licenses through the same Business Licensing Service (BLS). Over the last year, the Department has been working on a major modernization effort that will be more responsive to both business and city needs. This webinar will highlight new features of the system.

  • Check out the state’s one-stop business licensing solution.
  • Get a sneak peak of recent enhancements.
  • Learn how partnering with the state can benefit local businesses while reducing your overhead.

This webinar is for elected officials, city managers, finance officers, clerks. If you have questions, please contact government relations staff.


  • Serena Dolly, AWC Host
  • Patti Wilson, Customer Service Advocate and Local Government Liaison, Washington State Department of Revenue
  • Eric Jones, Partnership Services – Outreach Coordinator, Washington State Department of Revenue

Recording date: August 18, 2016

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